Which Character has the worse Fanboys

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From Superman to Goku there's fanboys for every characters. But which character has the worse


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Superman to Goku is a short line.
Darkseid fanboyz are worse then those 2
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wich charachter has the best fanboys
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Cosmic Armor Superman
i think
the fanboys always use facts
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That is so horribly incorrect.
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PHAHAHA! Cosmic Armor Superman is cool and all, but people think he's omnipotent. In fact, DanCo thinks he beats Beyonder 🤢 I agree with @LordTracer, even though I don't hate him, he is Thought Trash.
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Ew. CAS has the worst fanboys.
I hate CAS fanboyz
@Akhil CAS can beat Beyonder probably
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Beyonder rips Cosmic Armor Superman apart and then eats him at a feast with Lucifer Morningstar and Nyarlathotep.
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Yes, good one. I totally forgot.
No, Saitama fanboyz are better then darkseid fanboyz
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Thor, Dr. Fate, Hulk, and Green Lantern.
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Thor fanboys are the worst
Well near or equal to darkseid fanboyz
@CW I sent you a email
I saw your email, thank you, I read the doc as well
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Basically all DC characters.
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Yeah smh DC fanboys who think literally any DC character could defeat Thor
I'm a DC guy, but I'm not a fanboy of
any superhero at all dc or marvel, I vote from my studie and knowledge of characters l,
but there are a few dc characters that can defeat Thor the most popular are Superman, and Wonder Woman, please don't ask why and to debate they just do. 😁👍
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Wonder Woman and Superman both die horribly against Thor
sups is

more durable,

Thor is

More powerful,
and a better combatant,

There roughly tied in intelligence.
sups wins, he at least 3/4 times stronger
And 100 times faster,
And way more durable.
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superman and wonderwoman cant defeat thor
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I won't comment, but why do you insist on bashing one universe over the other. Come on man, it's okay to like both of them, and if you just want keep bashing DC, well I could just say the same about Marvel. I am just saying, cool it.
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Both universes are awesome.
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Wonder Woman horribly destroys Thor. As does Superman.
You're absolutely right. DC has too many fanboys. I understand why you've never read a simple DC comics. You just don't like the fanboys. But don't worry, Thor doesn't have fanboys at all, so keep reading only Thor stories.

Btw, we still miss you.
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Yeah, Spidey, you're our sugar daddy, our existence depends on you.
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1. Darkseid
2. Martian Manhunter
3. Goku
4. Thor
5. Thor
6. Thor
7. Thor
8. Superman
9. Hulk
10. Thor
lol 😂 Thor. Lmao
Darkseid, Thor & MMH
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1. Sentry
They're psychos just like him
2. Scarlet Witch
They're psychos just like her
3. Hulk
Roid rage psychos who are a disgrace to the character
4. Deadpool
They're psychos just like him
5. Ultron
They're psychos just like him
6. Juggernaut
They're retards just like him
7. Goku
Some of them are retards but the majority are immature kids so they're justified
8. Kratos
They're more psychotic than everyone else but at least they don't dare mess up with a lot of DC and Marvel characters but other video game characters instead
9. Doomsday
They're psychotic as him but also as simple-minded as him so not so annoying
10. Darkseid
Darkseid's really powerful and underrated against most characters, including many overrated major ones, but not able to beat an Infinity Gauntlet wielding Thanos, Galactus or Spectre
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You're a disgrace to the human race tbh
2+ years member.
No Ariana Grande is a disgrace to women and that's why misogynist Islamic terrorists attacked at her concert.
1+ years member.
Is that supposed to be an insult?
Yo shut the **** up, I am not a fan of Ariana personally, but there is no need for that. Plus, after that HORRIFIC attack that KILLED people, that is disgusting to use that as a point of an argument for your point. That is absolutely garbage.
2+ years member.
No but a reminder of why I'm not a disgrace to the human race. I don't get all the hate on me. I just want to create great team battles and debate on them as much as you want but don't call me stup1d for creating them. I think everyone who hates me on SHDB feels like a disgrace to superhero fandom and that's why I'm attacked for simply wanting to balance superhero tier levels so that they're not ridiculous enough for Islamic terrorists to spit upon our civilization.
1+ years member.
You don't even create good battles and team battles. They are bad and mismatches most often. And there's no need to bring up something like that horrible event that happened in Manchester.
After spewing that garbage @Andreas you don't get to turn around and play the victim card that "everyone who hates on you is a disgrace," you can shut up now. You used a point about people being killed and that is disgusting.
2+ years member.
Ariana Grande is a very successful singer whose lack of talent degrades Western civilization to a level below Muslims so terrorists killed her fans as a mockery of her inability to understand their threat despite being considered a genius and because of the fact that she is worshiped as a God by Christians who forgot their faith so that according to the Qran they deserve death in a religious war against Islam that's supposed to be the right religion due to Christianity's decadence as a result of fanaticism over Ariana Grande and other musicians like her who are nothing but sinners in the eyes of God.
1+ years member.
Lack of talent? *****, she hits C7 like it's nothing. And I didn't even understand what you wanted to say with those other few sentences.
Ariana grande is one of the most talented women in the world
Wow...just wow @Andresvear.
Oh my gosh you need to shut up, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking. Ariana is a talented singer and is deserving of the praise she gives, just as you are deserving of the hatred you get on here for spewing that kind of garbage. You are disgusting using points of people dying by a heinous act and using it to try and "further" your argument whenever all ir did was make you look like an a**. And @sora you are even underselling it, she can even hit notes higher raging up to BELTING a high E7, and then hitting a low D. That's insane range. I did not like her in Hairspray but that is only because I don't think she was right for it. So andreas quit bringing religion into anything, and stfu about your sinnner mumbo jumbo
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Ariana Grande is much more talented than those who admire her but Mozart was destroyed by his talent even if it was recognised as undeniably remarkable and it's obvious that the SJW agenda as well as Obama's propaganda promotes those willing to pollute the minds of Americans so that they believe that all Republicans are just like that phony President called Donald (Duck) Trump and there are thousands other musicians better than her. Ask @LordTracer about the talent of his favorite bands because I love them too. And Mikis Theodorakis was a great Greek musician who's probably gonna die soon and he was also used to promote communism until the age of 90 and now he's expressing the same beliefs as Neo-Nazi fascists of Golden Dawn simply because he doesn't want them to erase him from history after their expected rise to power.
1+ years member.
Agreed. @cw6334, she can do that and do it casually, not a lot of people can.

Also, @AndreasVer, that new post made absolutley no ******* sense, I have no idea why I'm even addressing your right now.
There are people more talented than Ariana Grande that's how it goes. Some people are more talented than others, Freddie Mercury is the most talented vocalist by far in history, doesn't mean there aren't any other talented vocalists in history. I like many people Ariana isn't my favorite, but shut up, because she is a talented human being. Everything else you spatted was political mumbo jumbo made absolutely no sense.
I am sure you see Freddie Mercury as a sinner though and then is just completely destroys any reputation of his talent right?
2+ years member.
@cw6334, you brought Freddie Mercury as an example of a great musician. First of all, Freddie Mercury wasn't even a Christian but a believer of Zoroastrianism, a dying religion of very few followers and even less fanaticism that represented the Persians before they were corrupted by Islam. And secondly, Freddie Mercury's vocal range is F2 - D6 ( 3 Octaves 5 Notes) . Interestingly, Benjamin Burnley's vocal range is exactly the same. Benjamin Burnley is a far better musician than Ariana Grande even if his voice is different than Freddie Mercury's because his songs as at least as great as Freddie Mercury's and he deserves far more recognition than Ariana Grande. Kurt Cobain was a sinner but if he were alive he would be proud of Benjamin Burnley and repent. They murder great musicians just like they murder ideals in order to promote Obama's communism and Islamism as a replacement of the liberalism and progressivism he's supposed to represent. Why would homosexuality be considered progressive? Technology, free trade, meritocracy, transparency, freedom of speech and most of all end of all monarchy (Elizabeth II of UK whose feet are kissed by a kneeling Obama) and aristocracy (Rotschild family) are supposed to be progressivism. Not abortion, gun control and homosexuality! If you truly believe Freddie Mercury is a great musician then you should admire Benjamin Burnley more than Ariana Grande. And Benjamin Burnley is a huge fan of Superman and Transformers. The Oscar-winning film was acclaimed for awarding child molester Bryan Singer (X-Men films) and the next Bond villain, Rami Malek, who'll portray Artemis Sorras, a real life trillionaire much similar to Kane from the Tiberium saga of Command & Conquer.
One, I never once said Freddie Mercury was a christian. Show me where I said thar. Two, I do admire Benjamin Burnley, he is a fantastic musician. So you're point there is completely stupid. My point is that there are many musicians who are better than others. Doesn't mean they deserve to be attacked. You are seriously now just bringing up things that don't matter to try and dodge what you said earlier. You still brought up a point that Ariana Grande is the reason people were killed in a heinous act. You are honestly garbage and I hope people see this and see what kind of person you really are. I never said homosexuality was progressive? Doesn't seem to be taking us backwards with all the advancements we have been having in recent years. Hmm. But yeah just continue to bring up things that have nothing to do with the conversation so you can use big words and such to show off your vocabulary of politics to make yourself seem smarter whenever all you are doing is straying away from the subject and making yourself look dumb.
2+ years member.
You called Freddie Mercury a sinner. He wasn't a Christian but only if he was it would be fair for you to call him a sinner. And Ariana Grande is certainly not responsible for those who died in her concert. In fact the same people who promoted illegal immigration are those who convinced Ariana Grande to consider herself eligible to judge Muslims. She made a wrong assessment but it's not her fault. And I don't hate her. I feel pity for her. She didn't create the insanity of contemporary pop culture. She's just a product of it and she would feel shame when she realised her supposed glory was the doom of her world but mostly her own life. Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain were all amazing people but before they found a more healthy way to succeed, they were devoured by a culture and became its very first victims, even if they defined it while they didn't know they promoted an agenda to the detriment of most people just like they didn't know they were moving towards their own deaths. Muslim terrorists are destroying millions of lives through theft, drug dealing, prostitution, arms trade, organ transplantations and the slave market and these activities are doing far worse damage than their mass killings only intended for showing off. Ariana Grande made an embarassing statement about Muslims and they attacked her concert to remind her of that. But you didn't give a clear answer: Is self-made musician Benjamin Burnley better than Ariana Grande or not?
One, I didn't call him a sinner, I said "you Probably think he is," I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ARIANA OR WHAT SHE SAID, the point is, YOU STILL USED THE POINT OF PEOPLE DYING AT HER CONCERT AS A POINT TO FURTHER YOUR ARGUMENT. Jesus, I'm tired of you. I believe there are many musicians better than Ariana. I believe many. Everyone has a talent to follow. Ariana? FANTASTIC SINGER. She still has talent. She is not a disgrace to women.
2+ years member.
She's not a disgrace to women not because of lacking talent. She's a disgrace to women because she's considered to be much better than her actual self and due to her status as a role model. Do you remember the hatred for Justin Bieber? It's pretty much the same with Ariana Grande. She's not herself. She's a corporate product and this is intended to be a disgrace to women. Those who promote Ariana Grande are exploiting her and this is more bad to her own self than it could be for everyone else. Ariana Grande was presented as a successful woman. She isn't. Women can be way more successful than Ariana Grande. Muslim terrorists exploited that to justify their misogyny and attacked at her concert. It isn't Ariana Grande's fault for being the person she is. It's the fault of those who made her into something she isn't supposed to be and encouraged her to make wrong statements about Muslims not being as dangerous as they actually are. If she understood that she's not as successful as they try to make people believe she is, then she wouldn't make those statements and the Muslim terrorists would ignore her. But they exploited the fact that many people believed the lie about who she is and attacked in order to present their paranoid beliefs as the truth that Ariana Grande's fans have forgotten.
so you're just trying to fight some hypothetical system then? Jesus you could have just said that instead of typing essays.
Are you trying to be some real life Rorschach?
2+ years member.
The power of the internet can inadvertedly turn someone into a Dr Manhattan in terms of influence over human history. You know that right?
I don't care. I honestly believe you're on something. Power in general can do that to anyone.
Dude I agree 100% they are nothing at all but sinners, if you are meaning the one and only true god of heaven and earth.
1+ years member.
@Bane333: What? Sinners? Why? Because they follow their dreams? Or what? That's a stupid statement.
1. Superman
Although Superman is literally one of my favorite characters, I absolutely despise his fanboys. They think Superman can solo the entire Marvel Universe and are blind at what the character is supposed to represent.

2. Goku
These fanboys come close to Supes as some think he'll solo Marvel AND DC.

3. Batman
Because he's Batman

4. Flash
I would actually consider my self a Flash Fanboy.

5. Thor
Some think Thor is stringer than Hulk,Superman and even Darkseid. This is not me talking about @Spidey as I have met other Thor fanboys

6. One Punch Man
Its no need

7. Godzilla
People think that Godzilla can fight Galactus or Unicron

8. Deadpool
Fanboys think that because Deadpool is unkillable he's unbeatable.

9. Ben Ten
These would be the worse but there isn't as many

10. Hulk
They think Hulk easily rips Superman in half or smashes Shazan etc etc

These are the tip ten imo
thor is stronger then superman and hulk
2+ years member.
The worse fan boys, are any fan boys.
Probably Thor 😂 LoL Sorry @sirspidey
1+ years member.
star wars charachters dbz charachters
Why do you say that, @jongensoden? I don't feel like we are really biased towards the Dragonball characters. We are still objective.
2+ years member.
I believe DBZ fanboyism is justifiable. Anime is always too unrealistic compared to anything else and just like Saitama's overrated potential, the same thing happens with DBZ on a slightly lesser degree, considering the fact that Goku has much more of a history than Saitama and has shown his abilities against a far greater variety of opponents. The DBZ universe is so different than our own, just like Saitama's, so it's acceptable to misunderstand DBZ power levels and the way they are scaling to the Marvel and DC universe which is very much similar to our own, especially when DBZ is so childish and ridiculous that it's not taken very seriously. But Star Wars fanboys are completely retarded. They are obsessed with their childhood fantasies that have left unforgettable memories for many years since they first learned about Star Wars that they are completely prejudiced and cannot accept obvious fact because Star Wars is the first sci-fi or fantasy universe they've ever loved so it's impossible for them to acknowledge that it's overrated and not greater than anything else. Everything they learn about any other universe is only degraded by their eternally childish worship of Star Wars, which is supposed to be better than anything else as it's the only universe reflecting their glorified youth and the nostalgia of a world they saw differently as they later realised is different than how they hoped. So they claim that Kylo Ren disgraced the legends continuity even if he's by far the most complex greatest character ever to exist in Star Wars, far less childish than anyone else, and even if Kylo is the answer to the mess that defined Star Wars since the beginning of the franchise, they hate the only guy who can really become the basis for all the inconsistent storylines that built a legends continuity that could not meet the enormous expectations of a film series that's been so overrated for being the very first of a currently dominant genre.
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beerus is not on the level of superman yet people claim he is galactus level
1+ years member.
and for star wars i know someone who thinks every star wars charachter solos marvel and dc including storm troopers
2+ years member.
Beerus is Thanos level. He's far below Galactus level but he's clearly above Superman. Dragon Ball Super did not become a continuation of DBZ but a separate standalone series because Super Saiyan Blue and his opponents are Thanos level while DBZ was either slightly below or slightly above Superman level. But it's impossible to buff Goku or Beerus to Galactus level because the DragonBall universe is too small but they could do a crossover series with DC or Marvel.
Beerus doesn't have to be on Superman level, Goku is lol Jiren is way stronger and so is Ultra Instinct Goku. That's not fanboying, that's just true
2+ years member.
Space Marines from Warhammer 40K are believed to be Iron Man level even if their technology is so inferior to Iron Man's. But their armor might be more durable as it is a lot heavier and their weapons are able to harm Godzilla-like Tyranid monsters so even if they're certainly below Hulk, the claim that they're better than Iron Man may not be so unreasonable.

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