Where do I start watching CW (Arrowverse)

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I've recently been allowed to watch the CW shows but where do I start.
this forum is for me and anyone who wants to star watching CW shows


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I would say Flash would be the best, to begin with. Seems like you want a light-mannered show, so Flash would be the best. Season 1 is AMAZING and will suck you into the Arrowverse. Arrow is a bit darker and while it begins first, I'd say it wouldn't drag you into the Arrowverse as quickly as Flash (By no means am I saying Arrow is bad). Supergirl is a good show in my opinion; however Flash would be the best for beginners. Then Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends, in any order you want.
Arrow , Flash , Legends (Supergirl isn't really apart of arth 1 timeline)
@arthurcurry where should I start with the arrowverse (not MCU) I've started with the lash then I'm going to watch arrow then dc legends where should someone start in your opinion
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Don't waste your time on something terrible
Do you have an idea for a better show I'll watch it as long as it's on Netflix and not rated R
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Daredevil. The acting differential is leagues better than anything the CW can come up with. Not to mention the character development, plot, and storyline are some of the best I have seen in terms of Netflix TV series
I said not rated R
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Is it rated R? Dang, that sucks. How about Luke Cage?
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Wait, what? It's rated TV-MA, not R
Luke cage, daredevil, iron fist, defenders, and the fith one I can't remember are rated tv MA which is basically tv rated R

Something else please
From MCU only Daredevil and Jessica are cool. Luke Cage and Iron Fist are terribly boring
@SirSpidey: Stop being a fanboy.
I like that you're using Ariana Grande's ex GIFs. Good job.
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Hahahaha, SO FUNNY
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It's best to start with Arrow and go chronologically like @BayonettaFan said. By this I mean don't start watching all the shows at the same time. You will know when the time comes to start The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. But if you want to be sure, just look up the original air dates for the shows. You should start Flash when you begin season 3 of Arrow, and start Legends of Tomorrow during the second half of season 4 of Arrow. Supergirl actually first aired on CBS before moving to the CW, but if you still want to go chronologically, you should start Supergirl when you are watching season 4 of Arrow. If you go in this order, all of the crossover episodes should line up properly, which is the biggest thing you should keep in mind if you want to get into the Arrowverse.
About Supergirl you can watch it seperately no matter of timeline because it is completely another universe of Earth-38. Events of Arrow or Flash or Legends they have nearly 0 meaning what is going on Earth-38.

I don't recall that Crisis on Earth x had any meaning to events on finding out how to heal Samantha Arias and stop Worldkillers or other events even slightly
Overally u should begin with Arrow
Why should I begin with arrow? (In your opinion)
Chronologically it begins first. There are some events which will be important to know sometimes what is going on in flash or dc legends. Then flash and legends u can start or Constantine.

To me Arrow is best in quality show then DC Legends beyond S1.

I enjoyed Arrow mostly
Can you give me a timeline of the arrrowverse
I cannot unfortunately
Okay okay then my plan is flash, arrow, supergirl, then DC legends (everything else isn't on Netflix)
Begin with Arrow honestly ( i warn you about quality downfall of Season 4, but they got rehabilitated in season 5 )
I have watched 1st 8 episodes of Flash and it is cool
Don't watch Season 1 of Legends ( it is pathethic, regardless you like Hawkmen or Haekgirl, Cap. Atom etc. ) , but S2, S3 S4 are fantastic
John Constantine is masterpiece
Supergirl is ok.. ( i love this because of sexy actor/actresses playing Lena Luthor, Supergirl, Alex Danvers and Martian Manhunter + i am fan of them )often it is great, but sometimes is dissapointing. It lacks super spectacular fights like in Man of Steel movie

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