What Qualifies as a Power Suit

Starter: remy94

@Galactus basically every Superhero has a suit with a special ability, for example Batman's average suit and cowl is fire and bullet proof among other things, Superman's new 52 suit & cape is nigh invulnerable and can regenerate. So I was just wondering what qualifies as a power suit on this site?


Galactus 78 days ago
The Power Suit 'Superpower' will be removed in the near future. It will be replaced by 'objects', type 'Suit / Armor'. These objects can have powers that will be added to characters that are connected to that object.
The 'Suit / Armor'-object can also be non-power suits.
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remy94 79 days ago
@Galactus Perhaps what qualifies as a power suits, is a suit that runs on energy?
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