What are your top 5 DC shows ever made and short reason why do you like them ?

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Shows which come to my mind are:

1. Legends of Tomorrow (especially after season 2.5).

It is just so bad it's funny/good and super entertaining. I never had so much laught in my life since comedies from 80's and 90's. It's too dumb and makes it good. Only sucks that they prefered to cancel this show while giving proper wrap up to Fairy Allen show which was god awful from very beginning

2. Lucifer Morningstar.

I love Tom Ellis and His daily cowork with Chloe Decker.

3. Sandman

Visually beautiful and very comic accurate.

4. Black Lightning

I kinda loved this show despite being very underrated. I loved Jeff a lot.

5. Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter)

It was so happy and cool to see her powers in action.


What are your top 5 DC shows ever made and short reason why do you like them ?
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1. Flash
2. Teen Titans (2003)
3. Green lantern
4. Batman
5. Sandman
ForJustice1324 2 mo 1 d
What are your top 5 DC shows ever made and short reason why do you like them ?
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While I'm more of a Marvel Comics fan, there are fare number of DC shows I like. And here's my list:
#1. Batman: The Animated Series- One of the best animated cartoons of all time thanks to the writing talents of Paul Dini and the direction of Bruce Timm. It also had beautiful blend dark noir animation and had talented voice acting thanks to Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker.
(RIP to both the late Kevin Conroy and Arleen Sorkin, Harley Quinn's original actress)
2. Teen Titans- a great animated series that blended some touches anime mixed with western animation and a memorable cast. Hands down the best iteration of the Titans and it had great villains like Trigon, the Brotherhood, and Deathstroke (Yes I know he's just called Slade but he's still Deathstroke).
3. Justice League/Unlimited: Another Timm/Dini classic that managed to balance an esamble of some of DC's biggest names while also continuing the stories both the Batman and Superman shows. It also had some great episode arcs like "The Injustice League", "Starcrossed", and the series finale "Destroyer" getting to see the heroes and villains work together to stop Darkseid.
4. Green Lantern: The Animated Series- A highly underrated show with great animation and writing that had the marvelous Josh Keaton as the voice of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. It totally deserves a second season and beyond.
5. The Flash: The first two seasons were great because both Reverse-Flash and Zoom were awesome villains and CGI was better. Season 3 was okay but I was let down by Season 4 and that's where it went downhill for me. But I will say I will always love Grant Gustin as the Flash more then Ezra Miller.
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What are your top 5 DC shows ever made and short reason why do you like them ?
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1. Batman: The Animated Series - It is a little corny but it was one of the first superhero medias to take its character seriously and I thought it was brilliant with some of its storytelling as well. One of my favorite shows ever not just DC.
2. Teen Titans - I grew up with the original show before Teen Titans GO! but TTG really is not that bad of a show. Teen Titans was just on a different level though, each character had their own growth, each character went through the ups and downs and I felt like I was there with them through all of that. The main voice cast was incredible of course as well.
3. Justice League Unlimited - This show might just be a nostalgia thing for me again because whenever I go back and watch it objectively there are some strange episodes sprinkled throughout. This is the show that shaped my vision of a lot of these characters though, especially Green Lantern and Superman.
4. Arrow (especially seasons 1 and 2) - I loved the way the show was directed in seasons one and two, loved Deathstroke, loved the way he played vigilante in the first season and the whole 'Year One" vibe to it. Really kinda started falling off for me after that, wasn't a huge fan of season three but I liked parts of it. Really disliked season 4 and really found it boring. Really loved the suit in season 4 though.
5. Doom Patrol - this might just be recency bias but I actually had a really fun time watching this series and I enjoyed a lot of it. Some parts were very strange but I thought that was something that was very fitting. Overall I liked it though.