What are your comic book power rankings

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The idea is simple really, rank what characters you think are the strongest in order of who you think is well, the strongest. You can do it either least to greatest or greatest to least, and you can use any form of notation you want (1,2,3 etc.)


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Thor = Universal+ /Superman = Universal / Apocalypse = Universal+ / Martian Manhunter = Universal - Universal+ / Thanos = Multi-Universal / Darkseid = Multi-Universal / Odin = Multi-Universal+ / Hulk = Galaxy - Multi-Galaxy / Gladiator = Multi-Solar System / Sentry = Multi-Solar System - Galaxy / Green Lantern = Multi-Solar System - Galaxy / Silver Surfer = Multi-Solar System - Galaxy / Aquaman = Solar System / Wonder Woman = Multi-Solar System / Doomsday = Multi-Galaxy - Universal / Juggernaut = Galaxy - Multi-Galaxy / Flash = Planetary / Carol Danvers = Star / Iron-Man = Star / Hercules = Multi-Solar System - Galaxy / Nova = Solar System - Multi-Solar System /
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There is only one Multiverse in Marvel, 98% of infinity is still infinity which also means that the remaining 2% is also infinite so it's safe to assume the remaining portion of the Marvel Multiverse is only what we've been shown whereas that 98% is everything we haven't seen. But this leads into our disagreements your definition of Multiversal is different from my definition of it.
1. Well the argument of plot can also be used for why Wanda was able to remove the mutant powers that were well removed.
2. I'm still looking for it hold on.
3. Show me proof that it defeated those characters.
4. Chaos doesn't have any feats.
5. If Wanda was able to 100% control her chaos magic she would be equal to the Phoenix just like if Jean has 100% control over the Phoenix she would be equal to it "embodied by two incredibly powerful women", the magical essence/being they gain they're powers from are equal and are insanely powerful but they themselves are not that powerful so that would also mean Jean is just as powerful as the Phoenix but she is not, so their full potentials are equal but neither are at their full potential so it can't be used.
6. Juggernaut get's his powers from Cyttorak but Juggernaut is not as powerful as Cyttorak same as Wanda is not as powerful as Chthon, she just get's her power from him.
Marvel Cosmic Hierarchy is messed up, because there are clearly multiple multiverses, but we're skip that for now, because, as you say, our definitions of multiversal are different.

It was compared to Mikaboshi and Eternity, and its feats are corrupting an extradimensional realm to the point where another cosmic entity was endangered.
5. Well, Jean's full potential is White Phoenix, and she receives 100% of the Phoenix Force and uses it to virtually do anything. Wanda, in House of M, used Chaos Magic to its fullest, so she should be at least comparable to FP Phoenix.
6. Yes, but I'm saying that it's highly likely for her to be that powerful, since we don't know the exact percentage of powers given to her by Chthon, especially since she doesn't only use Chaos Magic, but other mystical arts such as witchcraft.
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Many of you guys totally misunderstand the notion of multiversal by claiming that the Hulk was multiversal because he destroyed a bunch of pocket universes. Guys like Hulk are not even planetary in literal terms because if Hulk was he would destroy Earth during the World War Hulk saga before the heroes could prepare enough to defeat him. If someone destroys some pocket universes is not the same as being able to destroy a single country such as Wakanda, Genosha or Latveria, let alone an entire galaxy or universe. Many of those characters considered multiversal are stomped by Galactus like insects while even himself cannot be considered to be much above planetary level, otherwise he would always be well fed. Odin for example is solar system level obviously because of the nine realms of Asgard but he is one of the strongest characters in Marvel. Thanos could not have a single infinity stone other than the one he already had at the beginning of Avengers 3, specifically the Power Stone if Odin had survived and that is Loki's fault so he had to pay for that like he did, and in Marvel Ultimate Alliance if you do not save Odin then Uatu will say at the game's ending that Thanos will conquer Earth because of that. A pocket universe is restricted by the imagination, psychic potential and intelligence of its creator such as little boy Franklin Richards. So the majority of pocket universes are smaller than a country such as Iraq. Calling someone multiversal for destroying pocket universes is like claiming that the United States can conquer the entire world by themselves the same way like they won the war in Iraq, although a zillion times more stupid.
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3. That doesn't really prove your point. He is simply holding a gun and pointing it at Satan's daughter, and it is a completely different then the previous scan, from what I saw it had not defeated anybody, not to mention she did not at all seem concerned and in fact laughed him off.
4. That doesn't make sense how can you be comparable two completely different entities who's Gap in power is massive when compared to each other. What Realm was in danger and which Cosmic abstract was threatened by it.
5. Yes that is them at full potential, but thats not the one we're discussing here is not at full potential she has not reached that point yet you can only go off of what has been shown not what could potentially be shown which is the problem with using potential in arguments regardless of the character.
6. You would have to make a pretty big assumption to assume she has 100% of the power of Chthon Plus that being itself has not been shown at its full power so it cannot be used as a comparison.
3. She was hurt by the gun. I might have send you the wrong scan.
4. Witches' Road was threatened by it. And Goddess of Witchcraft (which was shown to be an abstract entity even after SW #14) was endangered.
5. I'm pretty sure she used full potential in House of M, and didn't just warp all of the multi/omniverse casually.
6. Chthon is not the only thing giving Wanda's powers. And I'm pretty sure, a Chthon without all of his powers (infact he was just using a mortal host), was shown to be capable of harming Eternity.
And also, another thing, remembver the pan-dimensional realm I was talking about? Well, "pan-dimensional" realm was only mentioned once outside of Roma's storylines. And can you guess when? In a recent comic, where the ONE-ABOVE-ALL, you know, the supreme being of Marvel, said itself that it lives in a pan-dimensional realm. Now, do you see how important that realm is?
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Well just because it was mentioned doesn't give it any actual feats, and I never said it wasn't a pan-dimensional realm, I said that doesn't have anything to do with her power.
3. It must've been the wrong scan than, because the one you sent the gun wasn't present, but it didn't shoot anything.
4. What is the Witches' Road and what feats does the Goddess of Witchcraft have, because just being a cosmic abstract doesn't at all imply how powerful you are in any capacity, look at Ego the Living Planet for example, so does she have any impressive feats?
5. Okay, so House of M was her full potential, that means she is only Universal at the most, but the Phoenix is WAY beyond those levels of power so perhaps if she her magic was equal to the Phoenix, than the only logical assumption is that her real full potential is the full power of Chthon which would makes sense because Chthon is 5th dimensional and full power phoenix is 5th dimensional at her peak (excluding White Phoenix).
6. It doesn't matter how powerful Chthon is because Wanda is nowhere near Chthon's power.
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And potential doesn't matter, you can not use potential in a rational debate, if this was a hypothetical what If debate than you can use potential all day long because a hypothetical what if is only speculation with no real evidence behind it except assumptions, this is an actual rational debate so everything needs to be backed by evidence not assumptions.
Witches' Road is just a dimension, like Dormy's Dimension or Mephisto's Dimension etc. Bringing Ego doesn't really help your case. Ego is vastly above Thor, Odin and Galactus, one of these is an abstract entity. And she was also compared. To be honest, she doesn't have any feats, only Chaos does.
5. Incorrect, House of M was high multiversal, but ignoring that, if the Chaos Magic is equal to Phoenix Force, it's equal in its destructive capability as well. Obviously.
6. That's debatable. And I'm bringing up the point of Chthon, because Wanda is one of the rare characters that we can scale off of Chthon.

One-Above-All, for example, has zero feats. The only thing we saw with him was the time he visited Spider-Man (Peter Parker). Does that mean if he/she doesn't have any feats, it's weaker than other Marvel characters? Nope, we scale him off from other beings, such as Living Tribunal.
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Except the One Above All does have a feat, and that is creating the Marvel Multiverse, so yeah, and you could argue "we never saw him do it" and while that's true, it is confirmed by the writers and Marvel themselves that he created everything so it is a universal truth and can't be argued so that point is invalid, and if she has no feats, then she has no feats and has no power she is basically SPOM.
3. Okay so it has defeated them, but most of them are fodder tier scalable to Ghost Rider.
4. Ego still pales in comparison to the other abstracts (he was invaded by Thanos who is slightly inferior to Galactus) so her power is not impressive at all when we are talking about cosmic abstracts, and no feats = no feats meaning she is essentially powerless.
5. I said the Chaos Wave was equal to the Phoenix in power which includes destructive capability so I don't know who you're arguing against there, and Wanda could not control the Chaos Wave meaning it is stronger than Wanda so it doesn't matter in this case. And no it wasn't, you have not prove that it was so it is only Universal you haven't disproven my Ultimate's universe argument, it is only universal.
6. She has never been claimed to have it's full power, and can not scale off of it unless it's very low, that's like scaling Wasp to Odin doesn't help anything except proving she is vastly weaker.
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Odin > Onslaught > Dormammu > Darkseid > Thanos > Power Girl > Gladiator > Apocalypse > Silver Surfer > Mephisto > Superman > Mister Sinister > Black Adam > Doomsday > Lex Luthor > Doctor Doom > Ultron > Mandarin > Thor > Wonder Woman > Martian Manhunter > Shazam > Sentry > Hulk > Namor > Magneto > Iron Man > Hercules > Ghost Rider > Juggernaut > Colossus > Venom > Spider-Man > Wolverine > Captain America
Class Alpha Strength
Aquaman , Wonder Woman , Iron Man
Telepathy,Telekinesis,Mind Control
Professor X , Martian Manhunter , Jean Grey
Class Beta Strength
Spiderman , Powerman , Bane
Class Beta Speed
Spider-Man , Darth Vader , The Hulk
Eternal Regeneration
Juggernaut , Doomsday , Deadpool
Size Manipulation
The Atom , Ant-Man , Wasp
Aquaman , Namor , Ocean Master
Electro , Storm , Thor
Ice Man , Killer Frost , Mister Freeze
Scorpion , Human Torch , Liu Kang
Brainiac 5 , Batman , Mister Fantastic
Android Body
Cyborg , Iron Man , Ultron , Sigma , Brainiac
Unhuman Powers
Captain America , The Punisher , Batman , Robin
Future Sight
Deathstroke , Spiderman , That's so Raven XD
Average Human Peak
Bruce Lee , Usain Bolt , Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
Overpowered Opness
Squirrel Girl , Saitama , Chuck Norris
That's my list
Omnipotence -
The One Above All , The Presence , Elaine Belloc etc
Nigh-Omnipotence -
Lucifer Morningstar , Beyonder , Living Tribunal
Divinity -
The Spectre , Michael Demiguros , Spawn
Reality Warping -
Mister Mxyzptlk , Bat-Mite , Infinity Gauntlet
Time Manipulation / Travel
Booster Gold , Kang , Rip Hunter
Class Omega Magic -
Dormammu , Nabu , HoM Scarlet Witch
Cosmic -
Galactus , Silver Surfer , Quasar
Lanterns Light -
Green Lantern , Larfleeze , Atrocitus
Odin/Speed Force
The Flash , Thor , Odin
Class Alpha Magic -
Doctor Fate , Doctor Strange , Zatanna
Class Beta Magic -
Doctor Doom , Scarlet Witch , Shazam
Class Omega Strength -
Superman , The Hulk , Thor
Class Omega Speed -
The Flash , Goku , Superman
Atmokinesis -
Storm , Weather Wizard , Thor
Swamp Thing , Man Thing , Poison Ivy
Magneto , ?
Class Alpha Speed
Sonic , Quicksilver , Kid Flash
Pt 1
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@ManofPower: For Class Omega Speed, you forgot Silver Surfer! He is faster than Supes and Goku. And as for Omega Level Magic, HOM Wanda doesn't have more magic than before, but her sheer power...Oof, it is greater than Doctor Strange or Doctor Fate. I like how you wrote it though! Just separate it!
Didn't think of him at the moment . But thanks for reminding me I totally forget Surfer is that fast
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Where is your evidence of you changing others minds?
Scan 1: You've already shown me that, still means nothing because it's the Chaos Wave, NOT Wanda.
Scan 2: Way the hell out of context, and doesn't prove anything you tried to say, so showing it proved nothing Scarlet Witch wasn't even hinted at being there, try again.
Scan 3: Some random ass featless goat claims they are the Omnigod. Then how was he defeated if he's omnipotent? There you go, using a STATEMENT for evidence.
Scan 4: She has no control over anything, Eternity and Infinity wanted to help in the matter and all she did was ask for help, that doesn't prove ****, she has no control over them and nothing in that scan shows that, try again.
Scan 5: Scarlet Witch effected the Astral Plane which exsists WITHIN the Earth-616 universe. Still only a Universal feat, try again.
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Also for scan 2, Roma has no feats so that goes nowhere, and even if you take the statement, "The Celestial Guardian... Is all that her title implies" Celestial means planet, so the Planet Guardian, very intimidating.
And this further shows your hypocrisy, because I gave you the Odin vs Seth scan that said their battle was effecting all planes of reality which makes sense because even if Odin was Multi-Universal with Seth as his equal it makes sense because they would both be Multi-Universal and call it PIS(the difference is Odin has many Multi-Universal to Multiversal feats to back this up), that scan regarding Wanda says something very similar yet you take it as truth, but don't take the one opposing you as truth when they are equal in credible merit, so you are a hypocrite, if my scan was PIS (it's not btw) then so is yours.
I'm not gonna send you chats with random people just to prove that I changed people's minds.
1. It was created by Wanda. Try again.
2. That's why you need to read the comic. It was House of M warp that destroyed Roma's citadel and Roma herself, which exists as a higher dimensional building, the focal point of all realities.
3. I was trying to prove to you that Roma is that much powerful. Never said he was omnipotent.
4. "Allow me to represent living embodiements of time and space... ETERNITY and INFINITY..." Now, do you seriously think Eternity and Infinity would listen to some randomm ass weak chick, if she didn't force them to listen?
5. "Realities shifted, and cracks formed across ALL realities." It affected ALL realities. Bare minimum, multiversal. Try again.
You do realize who Roma is? She is a higher dimensional entity. Don't bring up Odin v. Seth PIS, please. Roma was HELPLESS against the warp, and she is a higher dimensional entity, She lives in the focal point of all realites.

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Odin vs Seth is not PIS, you can keep saying that but until you prove it was PIS your wrong, Roma has no feats.
1. No. no she didn't because the chaos wave existed before Wanda, and you can't create something that's already there.
2. Okay, so what good job the Chaos Wave did that.
3. Showing a random Goat that suddenly gained the power of someone else doesn't prove how strong she is if the Goat never displayed any of it.
4. Galactus has listened to Reed Richards, does that mean Mr. Fantastic is equal to Galactus and during the Infinity War Story the cosmic abstracts listened to Adam Warlock, so is he just as powerful as them? And she didn't tell them what to do, they were concerned because of the wave that effected the universe and they represent the universe so of course they would care, they would have tried to stop it anyway, it's not uncommon for someone of a higher power level to help out a weaker person in Marvel if it concerns them personally like when The Alien Entity came to ask Reed Richards to help, helping with a stronger being doesn't make you as strong as them it's just striking a deal that's it.
5. Except all it showed was the Astral Plane being affected all planes within the Earth-616 universe because that's all that was shown.
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And we've already discussed this, living in another realm of higher existence does not correlate to power at all, otherwise by that logic all of the other people who live there would also be just as powerful, but they're not so that doesn't help, and if that's the case Captain Brittan would be Multiversal because he defends and is from that realm, and that's obviously not the case because he was getting manhandled by Juggernaut and those other mutants. But you have given yourself more credibility because your scans are consistent and appear to be from the same comics, so kudos to you for that, but I still don't think they are as strong as you claim, if the Chaos Wave is Omniversal it makes sense that Roma would get defeated by it because she is not Multiversal.
He hasn't shown anything on that scale after that fight.
1. How did it already exist? It was created once she reversed HoM back to 616.
2. Well, it's not a good job, actually.
3. You're right on that, but she still has feats of... playing with the omniverse like it was a chess game.
4. Galactus is inferior to both Eternity and Infinity and he is used to be around mortals and others weaker beings, so he would usually help if it's necessary. Eternity and Infinity wouldn't a give two fucks because of the fact that they are not usually connected to humans and so-called lesser beings.
5. No, it showed multiple realities being affected by the spell. And it literally stated that it "cracked" across all realities.
Yes, but the difference between Captain Britain and Roma is the fact that she absorbed the powers of the Otheroworld, which gave her powers of the Beyond. For example, her daughter, Meggan, has the powers of Beyond and she could only forestall a small portion of the Wave even with all of her amps.

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Yes Odin has, stopping the World Tree Fire and removing the 10th realm from it are Multi-Universal feats so is fighting Galactus as equals, which is also a Multi-Universal feat, Seth and Odin are both Multi-Universal, so it makes sense the two together would bring that level of destruction.
1. She did not create the wave, it is only a side effect of redoing the Earht-616 Universe, that sort of thing happens all the time, she may be semi responsible but she did not create fully it.
2. The chaos wave effected it.
3. She wasn't platin with the entire universe as a chess game, there was a game of chess in the scan, but nothing around it shows what it represents so it's just a chess game, all the pieces were just random alien things.
4. I was using that as an analogy, Galactus can't even fathom the power of Eternity and Infinity, BUT this is not the first time that Eternity or Infinity interfered with non abstract people in the past such as Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, and Adam Warlock.
5. It said multiple realities, but it only showed the normal one and the astral plane, which is why Shadow King was present, the Astral Plane is outside of the normal world but can be accessed by people within the normal realm.
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@soulcollecter - This is why you are the best debater on here (My list shifts a lot, but the current one says you are the best). You really need to join Discord.
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He is on the Discord. He's just never actually on.
I agree that Odin is multi-universal, but nothing more.
1. She was mentioned a couple of times that she created the Wave, and why would the Wave not be created by her if she alone stripped (almost all) mutants of their powers in the omniverse.
2. Not sure what you're trying to say.
3. It's not only that. Otherworld was said to be a pan-dimensional realm, and Roma absorbed some of its energies. It puts her on an extremely high scale.
4. I'll give you that, but by feats, Roma is capable of controlling Eternity and Infinity.
5. It said "all" realities, which means a high multiversal feat, at the very least. And Shadow King being there is just an easter egg.
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@AkhilPDX I tried out the Discord and I honestly wasn't a fan of it, I understand you and others love it but it just isn't for me, I prefer this site because it is more organized.
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Yes Odin is Multi-Universal.
1. Like I said, she might have been indirectly responsible because of her warp but the wave was only a side effect nothing more, so she may be responsible but the wave was created by Wanda intentionally so that can't be used.
2. I'm trying to say that Wanda did not defeat Roma, the wave did.
3. Doesn't matter what kind of realm it is, that doesn't mean they have significant power because they have not displayed anything and have no feats, and the realm is never mentioned again in any other major story so I don't understand why you brought it up if it has nothing to do with anything.
4. She doesn't have any feats to show this.
5. Except it's not, "all realities" within the 616 Universe because that is the only thing shown to be affected so that's all it can be taken as, so it makes her Universal, maybe Universal+ if you want to be generous.
Okay, so we agree on that.
1. Yes, but it was implied that the wave was created by her, the only reason why she couldn't control it was her mental instability.
2. Yeah, this relates to my first comment.
3. No, no, no. The realm has been mentioned even before the House of M stuff. Mad Jim Jaspers has been called an omniversal threat several times by Roma, who lives in Otherworld. It has also been mentioned couple of times after that. It is worthy to mention the fact that Otherworld was once described as Roma's "personal pocket dimension", so she's directly connected to its powers and energies.
4. Except for the chess game and couple more.
5. All realities mean all alternate realities, which means all 4D space-time continuums, and since Marvel has infinite number of them, it's a high multiversal feat.
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1. Doesn't matter how it was made (it was nothing more than a side effect) if she didn't control it, that means it was stronger than her so the chaos wave's feats cannot be used for Wanda yet you keep trying to use it's feats to give Wanda credit when she herself did nothing stop using the chaos wave to gage how strong Wanda is, use HER feats that she is in control of.
3. That doesn't mean anything, it's her pocket dimension and she gets her powers from, good job, that means nothing if she hasn't done anything with that power, she has NO FEATS so the dimension's power is never shown and none of that matters because Roma has NO FEATS, same as the argument when you brought up that goat, you can the powers of something else, but if you don't display any of it then it means literally nothing.
4. Except that's not a feat, how the hell is a random chess table (nothing is even moving) a feat, that's like saying I own a chair so I have the ability to sit a top the universe because hey look I have a chair, having a random chest set is not a feat, da ****.
5. Except no, it can mean anything. It means all of the realities WITHIN the Earth-616 Universe because that's all that was shown to be affected. You've be using this flawed argument for as long as I've been an active member on this site and it makes no sense, NMM was only shown to alter the Earth-616 Universe and that's it NO OTHER universe was affected so stop saying it is Multiversal when it is NOT. THE ONLY THING SHOWN TO BE AFFECTED WAS THE 616 UNIVERSE NOTHING ELSE the feat is at most Universal, Universal+ if you want to be generous.
1. You do realize that Wanda, even without Chaos Wave even mentioned, has omniversal feats and statements? Nevertheless, the Wave was controlled by her, proven by many of the issues of New X-Men.
3. The whole dimension has feats of its own. It's the focal point of ALL realities, and this again, correlates to my 5th comment, it's ALL of them. And that's because when MJJ was threatening the omniverse, he was threatening for 238 UNIVERSE, not 616. This alone tells us that Roma transcends both universes, which means she indeed is a guardian of the omniverse.
5. You're the saying universal+ is being generous to her, when that's actually downplaying her to oblivion. I remember YOU, admiting that she was high multiversal when we had our debate few months ago. You openly admit that she is high multiversal, now you act as if nothing has ever happened. Back on the topic, you can see why I say all realities are a high multiversal feat. It relates to Roma, who you also downplay for some reason, and to Hank McCoy as well as the Phoenix Force. All the mutants were erased from future timelines, which was noticed by the Phoenix Force, and all of alternate versions of Hank McCoy were studying what happened in House of M, and mainstream Hank, 616 Hank, noticed that the whole HoM was omniversal. So yeah, she's bare minimum, high multiversal, if not higher.
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1. First you say she couldn't control it because of her "mental state" but now you say she had full control of it? Interesting.
3. That doesn't tell us anything at all, it means literally nothing, and WHY THE HELL do you keep bringing up MJJ he has NOTHING to do with Wanda or HOM.
5. Bringing up a debate from over 5 months ago when I first started debating? That's like convicting a child about something and then using that against them when they are older and have more knowledge then before, that's the past this is now, I am a much better debater than I was then so it makes sense my opinion would change because opinions can change, I used to think Superman stomps Thor but now I feel Thor defeats Sups a good majority of the time. They were studding the chaos wave just like the Phoenix was concerned with the CHAOS WAVE NOT HOM, you keep using feats and statements for the Chaos Wave and you have NOT brought up a feat that WANDA has done to put her at Multiversal.
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Also for 5, The Earth 616 Universe has multiple different timelines within itself it still only pertains to the 616, and for proof that there are multiple timelines within the Earth 616 universe is both Days of Futures Past AND the Apocalypse storyline all take place in the Earth 616 universe there is also the Age of Ultron storyline within the Earth 616 universe which is an alternate timeline so that means nothing.
1. She created it, she was capable of controlling it, but she didn't due to mental instability. That's it.
3. MJJ has nothing to do with HOM and Wanda? She's the ******* reason he's alive and well now.
5. Okay, you can change your mind, I respect that, however, when I have proven to you, MULTIPLE times, that she's at the very least high multiversal, you chose to ignore it. Why? Ignoring the Chaos Wave thing, she has more feats on multiversal level. One, erasing mutants in the omniverse, two, cracking up all of the omniverse, three, destroying a weapon created by Dormammu with other ease, four, beating an abstract entity while depowered, five, being equal to Phoenix Force, six, having powers stem from a 5th dimensional being, like Mxy. Need I go on?
False, Age of Apocalypse is Earth-295, and Days of Future Past is Earth-811. Your argument is invalid. Congratulations.
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Unless it was shown affecting say for example The Ultimate's universe than I could see that being the case but it didn't, it didn't affect Mephisto's realm, it didn't affect Shuma Gorath's, didn't affect Dormmamu's etc.
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Ah, but you can't deny The Age of Ultron storyline so the argument still holds true.
1. She was NEVER shown controlling it, therefor she can't, give me a Multiversal feat Wanda was in CONTROL of.
3. Prove it, and even if she is how the hell does him being called Omniversal imply how strong Wanda is?
5. I want evidence for each and every one of those claims.
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Plus, it didn't erase mutants, it took away their powers, and may I return to a previous argument I used, even if it did erase them (it didn't) that is only affecting a very small portion of the Multiverse as a whole and considering the fact that mutants only make up less than a percent of the Earth 616 universe, then imagine how microscopically small the mutant population is compared to the infinite Multiverse, not that impressive, if you erase all of the geese in Multiverse it is not impressive on a grander scale since there is still every dog, cow, sheep, human, alien, demon etc. still left in the Multiverse so affecting a race that is less than 1% of the Multiverse is not impressive.
Age of Ultron happened throughout the multiverse, so your argument is still invalid.
1. Um... I gave you three. The "all realities", the "mutant-stripping omniversal warp" and "Chaos entity" thing.
3. It doesn't. But the fact that he lost his powers does. I sent you the scan like three times, you can just google "Mad Jim Jaspers resurrection".
5. Okay, here they come:

P.S. Dormammu felt the warp in his dimension, so yeah... It did affect multiple dimensions.
Erasing mutants in the omniverse:


Already sent. The time she cracked up all realities, which you still didn't disprove.


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No it was confined to the Earth 616 Universe, why else do you thing there is an entire separate universe dedicated to what if Ultron was successful (one of the two universes God Doom had Ben Grimm keep sealed away when he became that huge wall) so that alone proves it, and you haven't disprove the other argument regarding the Ultimate's universe and all that.
1&5 you are looking for your evidence so I'll wait.
3. You still haven't showed me how Wanda is responsible for that, the scan is in response to the Chaos Wave.
All of these universes are separate in regards to 616 universe, so they're actually different universes in the Multiverse, including Age of Ultron. I think we made that clear.
3. It was not the Wave. It was "No more mutants" spell.
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1. She didn't erase them, she stripped them of their powers which is completely different and even if it affected the Omniverse it was not entirely Multiversal because there were still mutants with power left unaffected by it.
2. Which one was it, I'm not saying you didn't send it but I don't know which scan you are referring to since you've sent so many.
3. Uh... she destroyed some mercenaries' gun... that's not impressive what does that have to do with anything?
4. I'm not reading an entire comic and from the brief description I found while searching for it, defeating a few demons and aimless ones doesn't sound at all impressive.
5. Doesn't work.
6. ??? What were you trying to prove there?
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No, Age of Ultron was entirely within Earth 616 and it had multiple timelines within the story itself because of Wolverine constantly going back in time, and that proves my point that is was not an Omniversal warp because if it was those universes would have been affected, Omni is everything, so saying it is an Omniversal feat means it effects every single universe, meaning those beyond the Earth 616, and outside of it but it clearly doesn't so it was not a Omniversal warp at all, and aluding back to Age of Apocalypse and days of future past, since they are in different universes they would have been affected by HOM if it was Multiversal, but they were not so you just proved it was not Multiversal yourself.
3. Okay I'll give you that one, but just because you can remove someone's powers doesn't mean you are stronger, the mutant Leech for example was able to strip and nullify an omega level mutant during the 198 comic series but Leech himself is not Omega level.
There are multiple multiverses in Marvel, so it's reasonable if it didn't affect Age of Apocalypse or any other specific universes. There are many examples of this, for example, Mikaboshi. He allegedly devoured 98% of Marvel and that didn't affect many universes within Marvel, so hyperbole statements are the only things we have to describe anything on such a large scale.

1. The only reason some mutants were left with powers is plot, and nothing else.
2. The one where she cracked up "all realities". The one we discussed for a while.
3. That "mercenary" gun stomped people on the level of Doctor Strange, and was created by Dormammu, so...
4. She defeated Choas, a cosmic and abstract entity, while depowered due to Empirikulum.
5. Just copy/paste.
6. I was trying to prove that Chthon, from whom Wanda's powers stem from, is 5th dimensional, and it was proven by the scan.
Reality Warpers
White Phoenix = Chaos Wave > Mister Mxyzptlk >= Bat Mite >= Emperor Joker > HoM Scarlet Witch >= Mad Jim Jaspers > Spectre (Corrigan) > Thanos with IG (feats only) > Eternity > Trigon > Franklin Richards (Adult) >= Zeno Sama > Odin
Did I forget any? I didn't include characters like the Endless, LT, Lucifer, Michael etc, only those who are a bit weaker than them.
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All I know is that Franklin Richards would be above Eternity but below IG Thanos, but Wanda would be above Frankie but below Thanos. Zeno Sama below Odin. Chaos Wave isn't equal to White Phoenix, but I am not debating about this- Just my opinion.
Franklin is definitely below Eternity, since he's weaker than him. And Thanos with IG, by feats, isn't above Wanda, but with statements, he is. As for, WP = CW thing, pretty sure it was stated to be true once.
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Lol, so you deny statements for Thanos but not for the CW. I see how you play...Frankly, I'd deny statements for all of them and that decreases Wanda's power level by quite a bit.
CW was not a statement. It had feats as strong as White Phoenix. And I don't use hyperbole statements, but I do use all others. For example, Matthew Malloy was said to be STRONGER than Pre Retcon Beyonder, but he has absolutely nothing on that level.
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Thanos IG is leagues above Scarlet Witch HOM, hell if you multiply Wanda's power by ten Thanos IG still stomps her with little ease. AND YES based on feats, Thanos bodied every cosmic abstract (excluding LT) with no effort at all one by one by one they all fell, even together they got stomped, and the only being strong enough to shut it down was the LT meaning that if NO ONE else could do it, that out Thanos IG right below LT and if LT is above White Phoenix according to you Thanos would be around White Phoenix levels via scaling so he is leagues above HOM Wanda.
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*Side Note
Hypocrite; A person who indulges in hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy; The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.
Yes, yes. He bodied every abstract, and each and every one of those Abstracts are BELOW HOM Wanda. His biggest feat was beating Eternity's M-Body, and HOM Wanda does that with her eyes closed. With statements, he's below LT, but only slightly, and above HOM Wanda, but too bad he doesn't have feats on that level. Phoenix Force is equal to Chaod Magic, didn't we already establish that.
And that side not matter because...?
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I'm not talking about Phoenix Force and Chaos Wave, I'm talking about Wanda and Thanos IG. NONE of Wanda's feats put here anywhere near cosmic abstract territory, yet you continue to claim she is above them, too bad you have no evidence of this, you have not one single piece of evidence to show Wanda surpasses Cosmic Abstracts and that's because she DOESN'T have any. Her only notable feat is altering the Earth-616 Universe, that only puts her at Universal level, Universal+ if you want to be nice, and the lowest Cosmic Abstract is Multi-Universal, with nearly EVERY single one being VSBW definition of Multiversal, and Thanos is above all of them, Wanda is fodder for Thanos IG case closed.
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The side note matter because you will not except statements for other characters you oppose but will quickly do it in favor of he person you are defending, in this case Wanda and the CW, doing something for yourself but saying it shouldn't be allowed for anyone else to do, hypocrisy.
*sigh* Is that all? "Wanda is not cosmic level. Case closed." For some reason, you're constantly denying the feats I put right im front of your face. And altering 616 was like 5th best feat of hers. I already proven that she surprasses Cosmic Abstracts by having called multiversal (omniversal) threat multiple times. Reaching a pan dimensional realm is something Thanos can only dream of. She is even constantly compared to an abstract entity. She is on that level. Case closed.
Okay, that makes no sense whatsoever. She has feats on the level which I claim her to be.
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Because the case is closed, you have not given me any feats, the only things you have given me were scans of STATEMENTS. No body in the history of the universe has even had Eternity and Wanda within the same breath when it comes to power. Give me a feat that puts her that high, and I want a scan of her doing it I want to see a physical action taking place not some random one panel character giving a statement of something. She did not reach a Pan Dimensional realm, you are making that part up, the scan referring to that "feat" you're talking about doesn't mean anything. It's a random person saying something and doesn't even hint at it being in another anything.
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And you haven't proven anything to anyone, otherwise people would agree with you, but no one does, so you obviously haven't proven anything at all, not even your friend @AkhilPDX disagrees with you on it, because like everyone else including myself, Wanda being as powerful as you say has been disproven.
For one, people are stubborn and won't admit defeat when they get defeated. And, I have proven this to many people OUTSIDE sHDB, and they agreed.
For two, are you ******* kidding me? Wanda bitchslapped Roma. The same Roma who had control over ETERNITY and INFINITY. That ***** sees the omniverse as a freaking chess game and Wanda slapped her casually. And all of those feats that I claim she has have been proven multiple times, you just ignore them for no reason. SIX TIMES she has been stated as an omniversal threat, and HoM warped the entire omniverse. So don't say she doesn't have feats on that level, because she clearly has, and how would you know she destroyed the omniverse without a statement? THey're not going to show that on-panel.
For three, you clearly don't know what a Pan Dimensional Realm is. The realm exists outside of the omniverse. And here are the scans...
First scan: Her powers would consume all Creation. Said by Roma, who exists outside of the Marvel Omniverse and pertains all realities.

Scan Two: Effortlessly defeated Roma

Scan Four: Roma has sway over ETERNITY and INFINITY, the same beings you claim Wanda doesn't even come close. Roma has control over them, Wanda bitchslapped her.

Some of the scans don't work, so I'm gonna resend them.

Scan one:

Doctor Strange > Scarlet Witch > Zarathos > Hulk >= Thor > Sentry > Hercules > Blue Marvel > Hyperion > Iron Man
Justice League
Phantom Stranger > Doctor Fate > Zatanna > Swamp Thing > Martian Manhunter > Captain Atom >= Hal Jordan > Superman >= Supergirl >= Wonder Woman > Shazam > Aquaman
Strongest beings in Marvel/DC
The-One-Above-All = The Presence = Elaine Belloc = Great Evil Beast > Death of the Endless > PR Beyonder >= Lucifer Morningstar = Michael Demiurgos >= Molecule Man > Pralaya > Destiny of the Endless >= Beyonders >= God Emperor Doom > Scathan > Protege > Living Tribunal >= Dream of the Endless > First Firmament > Oblivion > Nemesis > Desire/Despair/Delirum/Destruction of the Endless
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The Dark Knight Returns
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Doctor Strange > Scarlet Witch >= Stable Sentry > Ghost Rider > Thor > Sentry >= Blue Marvel > Hulk > Hercules > Hyperion >= Quasar > Iron Man = Vision > Spider-Man > Wolverine > Captain America > Black Widow > Hawkeye
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Justice League
Doctor Fate > Zatanna >= Swamp Thing > Captain Atom > Martian Manhunter >= Flash >= Superman > Wonder Woman = Shazam > Supergirl > Green Lantern > Aquaman > Hawkman > Cyborg > Hawkgirl > Black Canary > Batman > Green Arrow
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Lionman > Heartstone > Star Storms > Khreap >: )
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Lol, I know that better not be based on power.
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Justice League
Martian Manhunter > Hal Jordan > Supergirl >= Superman > Wonder Woman > Aquaman > Hawkgirl > Batman
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Thor > The Hulk > Ms. Marvel >= Iron Man >= The Wasp > Spider-Man > Captain America > Black Widow > Hawkeye
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Dragon Ball (Excluding Zeno and Angels)
Goku (Mastered Ultra Instjnct) > Jiren (Full Power) > The Gods of Destruction > Jiren > Kefla (Super Saiyan II) > Goku (Ultra Instinct ~Sign~) > Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue Evolution) > Toppo (God of Destruction Candidate)
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Wow I'm really surprised you put Martian Manhunter above Hal
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Franchise Mascots:
Spawn > Luke Skywalker (EU) > Son Goku > Superman > Optimus Prime > Cthulhu > Luke Skywalker (Disney) > Spider-Man
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I'll add to it later on but this is just to lay the ground work
Thor > Superman > Hulk > Juggernaut = Doomsday > Silver Surfer >= Green Lantern > Wonder Woman
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Jean Grey > Iceman = Storm > Colossus >= Wolverine >= Cyclopes > Beast
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Odin >= Thanos >= Darkseid > Thor > Apocalypse > Martian Manhunter > Superman > Hulk > Gladiator >= Sentry > Juggernaut = Doomsday > Silver Surfer >= Green Lantern > Flash > Wonder Woman > Aquaman = Carol Danvers > Iron Man >