Varosverse vs Ocs

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I want you to choose one of your ocs and choose a equal(in your opinion) against him/,her


Anyone wanna do this
@LordTracer wanna find a equal to heartstone?
2+ years member.
Can anyone from this universe equal her?
Rather Spirit
The Machine
And some others
2+ years member.
How powerful are they?
In comics The Machine defeated the Whole league of justice
So he could be a Universal+
You have already faced Father spirit
2+ years member.
So, The Machine is equal to Seasons 5 - 7 Heartstone. Father Spirit is high outerversal, so Heartstone can't equal him. But Photon can in his most powerful variation (excluding The Genesis).
The Machine has faced Heartstone while she was bloodlusted
@SideBarTwist wanna pick somebody from the Varosverse that's mine to go up against beast and accelerated genius
1+ years member.
Nah that is ok, I am not a big fan of debating OC characters.
Ok bro
@LordTracer who do you think out of the Varosverse is a good match against Heartstone ?
1+ years member.
Unholy Khreap

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