Varosverse Stories 2

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Since I have so many comment on the first Varosverse Story forum I have to renew it . So here it is Varosverse is back baby!



Does anyone want to read it?
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I read it. It was good.
Finally! Jesus I thought no one read it. So like those other perfectionists what was good about it?
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The plot pulled me in and there was great character development (especially for Fire Damon). I also liked how you incorporated the pictures. While they weren't that important, they really spiced up the story and I encourage you to keep adding them.
Thanks . If I were to practice my drawing skills I could actually draw pictures. I thought I would try something new since I haven't added a story since August
@DarkProdigy your thoughts?
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I'll read it when I'm not tired.
I can barely read a comment how am I supposed to read that?
No for real I will read it tomorrow
Sorry if I keep annoying with asking this but are your eyes less blurry XD?
Hey @Dellmamy you'll read the new story?
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No I haven't got the chance to. Is it finish?
Yeah almost 2 weeks now
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Where can I read it?
The document ⬇️
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Also if you want to use Princess Aqua and her evil twin sister Lusty Heat you can.
Cool they can make a cameo . Thanks!
Spelled Varosverse, Go to . And you'll see all the preretcon story
So @DarkWing did you read it?
Not yet I'm sorry

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