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Tournament (Part 2)

Created by MS643262, 1 y 9 mo 7 d ago.

I'm not repeating myself in this forum, it's just the part 2 of it. Since not all my battles are completed, I could just list them here and you could list who you think would be the winners.
This will be a part series each time a round is completed.
Also not all characters exist on this website, so I can't make all of them battles.

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Ezio 1 y 9 mo 7 d
Tournament (Part 2)
69 months member
you'd better continue in your previous topic. locked
MS643262 1 y 9 mo 7 d
Tournament (Part 2)
52 months member
Donkey Kong vs Joseph Joestar
Natsu vs Pac-Man
Accelerator vs Bass
Ruby Rose vs Miles Morales
Garnet vs Chrom
Harry Potter vs Robloxian
Isaac (Golden Sun) vs Sigma
Shadow the Hedgehog vs Shredder
Just a few of them