Toon force is Busted.

Created by Zerothemimikyu, 1 y 3 mo 2 d ago.

And I don't think anyone on this site knows how busted it is.


Zerothemimikyu 1 y 3 mo 2 d
Toon force is Busted.
23 months member
To begin with, Bugs Bunny survives a game glitch that should 100% kill him do to Toon force.
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Galactus 1 y 3 mo 2 d
Toon force is Busted.
8+ year member
And what are the rest of your arguments? You started with 'To begin with,..', which assumes you have more points. I'm wildly guessing you're referring to a glitch in Multiversus. After this glitch has been fixed, is it still busted?
LadyGaladriel1212 1 y 3 mo 2 d
Toon force is Busted.
30 months member
I also hate the ability toon force but that does not mean it is busted. It is very overpowered and because someone has "toon force* that also makes them at least tier 5 or 6 which is bull****. If this were up to me I would make it worth way more than 25+ I would make it more like 50-100+ because it makes people who have it at least tier five.