Thor vs Hulk

Starter: SirSpidey

Battle Conditions:
• Two rounds consisting of (1) who is stronger and (2) who would win in a fight
• Do not reply to your comments, keep stacking them on top of each other
• They are both Bloodlusted
• No Warriors Madness Thor or World Breaker Hulk
• Fight takes place on an unpopulated planet 40 times the size of Earth
• Must have evidence of every claim you make
• Starting at 200 yards away
• Thor and the Hulk will utilize their healing factors
• Both combatants are revived or rejuvenated after the round is finished



Thor both rounds. Since this planet is uninhabited, Thor can let loose (Plus he's bloodlusted, so doesn't really matter) Thor knows that he needs to take Hulk out quickly so he doesn't get stronger over the course of the fight. At base Thor is much stronger, and Thor would win in a fight easily when he isn't holding back. In fact, Thor already almost killed Hulk by not holding back
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Yes, the comic was Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #2. I was going to use that feat, but I guess I don't need to now
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SirSpidey Thor vs Hulk 3 days ago
@TheNemianLion: Here it is whenever you are ready
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