Thor Ragnorok Review

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What is everyone's thoughts on the new Thor film, did you love or hate it comments below.


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Honestly I will say it is probably one of my favorite Superhero movies to date. And recent movies have me feeling hopeful as alot of recent Hero films have been alot better then what we have been getting. Spiderman homecoming and Wonder Woman were both showing that hero films were new and fresh again, and the new take on Thor made me like it more then either of the other two. As far as Marvel goes I have to put it above Civil War, but below the first Avengers movie and the first Iron Man. Oh and Winter Soldier as well. So one of the best Marvel movies to date in my opinion. Hopefully DC can make Justice League a good thing, I am genuinely rooting for a win, and Gal Gadot did marvelous with Wonder Woman. But I still liked Ragnarok better. But that is just one Overlord's opinion lol.
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No hammer, no eye, short hair, and these new lighting powers seem like a huge change for Thor's characters. What do you guys think about Thor's new design?
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I honestly really liked Thor: Ragnarok. It was extremely funny and very lighthearted; it's definitely the best Thor movie so far. In terms of plot it wasn't great because there were just so many characters that we didn't really get too deep with any of them. Some scenes also seemed a bit too silly when they could have been much more serious. But overall I enjoyed it a lot more than most Marvel movies and it was just a really fun time watching this movie.

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