The Star Wars Questionnaire.

Created by Dark_Wing, 1 y 18 d ago.

1: Jedi or Sith
2: favorite world
3: type of lightsaber, saber color, and lightsaber form
4: favorite species
5: favorite vehicle
6: if you were a Jedi, which master would you want
7: if you were a Sith, which master would you want
8: if you were a Sith, what would your Darth name be?
9: favorite film
10: least favorite film
11: if you could write a novel what would it be about and why would you make that
12: which film has your favorite soundtrack
13: In your opinion what is the best thing about the EU
14: in your opinion what is the worst thing about the EU
15: what dose Star Wars mean to you personally


Dark_Wing 1 y 17 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
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1: Sith, if I could chose either Dark Jedi or Gray Jedi I would
2: Korriban I like the looks of it and it's dark atmosphere, Naboo because it's the most like Earth, or Alderaan because of how peaceful it looks.
3: blue variant of Asajj Ventress' lightsabers, they have a curved hilts would allow for more versatility and options. Plus I could use either single bladed combat or Jar-ki. My form would be form 3 but because it's not that good when it comes to offense I would mix characteristics of form 6 and the counter attacks of form 5, I would also use single bladed dueling but I'd have the other blade if I need to use Jar-Ki for any situation, I would also look into Teräs Käsi for when unarmed.
4: Mandalorians because they're cool no other reason, or simply Force users in general.
5: either X-Wing or Jedi starfighter
6: either Luke Skywalker or Qui-Gon Jin because they both would encourage independent thinking and teach you how to balance The Force.
7: Darth Bane or Darth Plagueis because they would treat you like an actual human being and not like a slave that they should fear, and Bane wants you do you succeed because you're part of the next generation of Sith.
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Dark_Wing 1 y 17 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
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8: whatever my master gives me.
9: either Empire Strikes Back because it's a classic and it's much darker than the rest of the trilogy, or Revenge of the Sith because of his action and the way they show Anakin turning to the Dark Side I do believe they could've shown it bit better but hey we got what we got.
10: I'd make a comic (if I could draw) about what happened to Luke after RotJ.
11: Revenge of the Sith because of Battle of Heroes and Duel of Fates.
12: no
13: how all the characters were expanded on, the source books, the Old Republic comics and books (not the games), The Force Unleashed games, and 2003 Clone Wars, and how after RotJ Luke Han, and Leia we're still themselves.
14: all the inconsistencies, the all powerful NJO (which is a decent story) which feels more like a parody than anything else, the Death Troopers novel,
15: I really don't know how to explain it other than *deep breath* STAR WARS IS LOVE, STAR WARS IS LIFE.
Tyrannus 1 y 17 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
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Good idea choosing Palagious. He seemed like the only Sith Lord who wasn't evil apart from Dooku.
Dark_Wing 1 y 17 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
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Also Darth Band would make a decent master.
LordTracer 1 y 17 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
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1: Really, I'd prefer Dark Jedi, but out of the two options, Sith.
2: Coruscant.
3: Single-blade, violet crystal, Form V: Djem So
4: Mandalorians or Sith Purebloods
5: TIE Bomber
6: Jaina Solo
7: Darth Caedus
8: Darth Occlus
9: Revenge of the Sith
10: The Last Jedi
11: The continuation of the New Jedi Order after FotJ, eventually leading into Luke passing away and Jaina becoming the Grand Master.
12: Revenge of the Sith, easily.
13: The overall size of the continuity. There's so many worlds, alien species, characters, obscure abilities and things that are all really interesting.
14: Waru. Just Waru.
15: It's an interesting verse where anyone can become anything, the possibilities are endless.
Tyrannus 1 y 17 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
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1. Jedi
2. Coruscant
3. Dooku's lightsaber (although Maul's is my favourate), blue, form III
4. Human or Kaleesh
5. AT-TE
6. Yoda
7. Dooku
8. Tyrannus
9. Revenge of the Sith
10. The Last Jedi
11. How Palagious become Snoke and mastered immortality. To save the sequels
12. Revenge of the Sith
13. Grievous's backstory
14. Dark Empire
15. Epic entertainment.

This was a really cool questionnaire
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Dark_Wing 1 y 17 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
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It was by someone who called himself SoraBulp2008.