The Sorcerer Armani Theory

Created by SuperSomebody, 4 mo 4 d ago.

In the Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer we saw Doctor Strange mindwipe the WHOLE world with a cost. That cost was other universes colliding. Doctor Strange seemed ok with this spell.. But why?

Because that is not Doctor Strange, that is the Strange Supreme from What If Episode 4.
We know in the What If series there will be people from all the episodes colliding into one universe to stop an evil force so the Strange Supreme still lives, but I think after the What If Series, the Strange Supreme hopped into our MCU Dimension and absorbed the normal MCU Doctor Strange's soul.
Proof: Thanos broke the eye of Aggamotto in infinity war but in no way home, it's good as new. And what other Doc Strange has the power to mindwipe the whole world other that the Strange Supreme who destroyed his universe.

What I think is that the Strange Supreme cast the spell because he wanted universes to collide so in one of the universes, he found a Christine variant who was still alive. But Strange kept warning Peter because that's the MCU Strange fighting the Strange Supreme out of his body. So in the end of the movie the Strange Supreme gets defeated and sent into the depths of hell by the watcher, who does not care about other universes being destroyed because some already are. But the Strange Supreme absorbs beings in hell becoming Mephisto. And that's my theory of Spider-Man: No Way Home

But when the Doctor Strange Variants find out that Christine's been taken by the Strange Supreme, they travel other MCU universes to find her, which other Strange variants are mad that that Strange stole their Christine leading into "a Multiverse Of Madness"
And the title is in a red font because Mephisto caused it AKA The Strange Supreme.

And that's my theory