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This is basically a huge respect thread where everyone can give respect to any character by displaying that character's greatest feats, there is to be no arguing.


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Green Lantern feats-
Puched out Lobo- /
Was capable of restraining Lobo- /
Saves a ship from the gravitational pull of a yellow sun- /
Manage to capture Professor Zoom with one of his constructs- /
Holts a parralax controled Flash- /
Tanked A nuclear bomb- /
Survived a moon level blast- /
Was fine after being puched through an entire planet- /
Took a punch from Superboy Prime- /
Pierced through Mongul's body with multiple attacks- /
Lands multiple hits on Superman- /
Badly injures Amazo- /
Escapes from a Black Lantern Spectre- /
Blows up Krona- /
Broke off BL Spectre's jaw- /
Unintentionally blows up a planet- /
A Collision between him and Sinestro is so powerful it bends reality- /
Dude most of those are from the GL respect thread
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@hanging_out_with_the_gnomes, well yeah of course it is this is a respect thread and it is very difficult to find feats and scans of those feats so I used a different respect thread and only picked the feats I thought were most impressive.
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Nova feats (The slashes are just to separate the links from the Feats)
Has flown fast enough to create stargates- /
He casually reached flying of .8 superluminal which is considerably faster than light- /
He has knocked out Quasar- /
Lobotomized Ego- /
Destroyed a Continental level threat with two fingers- /
One shotted Moonstone- /
Had enough power to kill Annihilus- /
He has defeated and stomped a strontian which is the same race of being as Gladiator- / / /
Has survived two powerful blasts from Magus- / /
Has flown straight through a neutron star so fast he created a worm hole and was completly fine- /
Survives being inside of Galactus' power Reservoir that holds the energy of multiple devoured planets-
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Odin Feats-
Odin and Seth threaten to destroy the Multiverse- Journey Into Mystery #513
Banishes an entire realm from the World Tree- Original Sin Vol.1 #5.1
Puts of the World Tree Fire- Can't find the comic book issue
Tricks Galactus into thinking he was still Galan and then head-butts him cracking his helmet- Might Thor #5
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Gladiator Feats (remember to copy and paste links or they won't work properly)-
He overpowers Thor sending him crashing through the back of a truck- Thor Vol 2, #34
He breaks free of Quasar's constructs twice- and Hyperion's Neck- apart a planet with his bare fists- Wonder Man so hard it sends him through a planet's core- have decapitated Wonder Man if he had not "rolled" with the punch- shots Vulcan- one shots Binary after tanking a close range blast from her- Thor's hammer across an entire city and then uppercuts Thor- and contains a Solar System level explosion and then proceeds to fly towards Earth at 100x Light Speed- right back up after a powerful energy blast from Thor's hammer- a blast from Thor (Eric Masterson)- an entire fight with Hyperion within nanoseconds- count 10 billion sentinels within a second- speedblitzed Thor and Nova- and fast enough to slip into Hyperspace which is many times greater than light- heat vision is claimed to be hotter than a star- heat vision was able to match Tyrant's for a brief moment, and Tyrant was shown to KO Silver Surfer with a similar attack- used his heat vision to power up a star-gate which basically creates temporary worm holes- his heat vision was able to match a Phoenix powered Cyclops-
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I'll give credit where credit is do because I got most of the links to these feats from a Reddit respect thread as I was struggling to find these on my own.
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Heihachi Mishima: Surviving a fall from the top a mountain, beating demons in solo fights, turning a small mob into the largest criminal organization in the world, then losing its leadership to his own son, and then reclaiming its control after being left abandoned, raising an adoptive son after being betrayed by his previous one and turning him into a scientific genius able to create sentinent robots by himself, recognising his own estranged son while he did not remember him at all, performing a professional wrestling powerbomb on a thousand pound demon, catching bullets by his own teeth, surviving explosions that can destroy entire mansions, fighting against dozens of advanced androids and doing all those thing while being a 75-year old grandpa with obvious effects of aging such as bald grey hair.
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Gabriel Belmot: Defeating godlike beings like golems as large as a skyscraper, a large android with heavy armor and a large cleaver, an enormous ogre larger than a mansion, a necromancer that was transforming into a crow larger than a T-Rex while summoning ghosts, a mechanical scorpion, fiendish vampire ghouls with large polearms and wings, Pan, a bone dragon, a witch that made him smaller than a fly, an entire army of crusaders, an imprisoned demon and Satan himself in an immaterial dimension, pushing obelisks across dozens of feet with a punch, running faster than a formula one car, blocking powerful blows from creatures larger than an elephant, choking creatures larger than a bear so hard that they can be controlled as mounts before he kills them, activating electrical machines only with his punches, leaping many times higher than his height with magical immaterial wings, commanding fairies, beating in chess a hundred year old vampire that was a renown player that had created a variation of the game that had never lost before and being the chosen one of God even after his transformation into a notorious vampire.
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Cole MacGrath: Surviving falls from hundreds of feet, tossing cars dozens of feet both up in the air and across a horizontal distance, absorbing electricity from every mechanical object there is, healing severe injuries from countless humans, transforming mortals with dormant mutations into metahumans stronger than the average X-Man, surviving a nuclear blast that destroyed the greater part of a megacity while gaining his powers, defeating a Godzilla-type reptilian-insectoid monster resembling Hierophant Bio-Titan from Warhammer 40K, defeating a militant army of a mobster that had transformed into the aforementioned monster while having taken over a megacity so dominantly that even the federal government of the United States did not dare stop him, empowering himself as a result of intense rainfall so much that he was throwing lightning bolts from the sky that were destroying ice titans with tens of tons in weight, instantly killing every human in a radius of several feet only by touching water, tearing turrets as large as anti-aircraft guns with his bare hands, travelling in time after killing every metahuman and living more than a century, shooting robotic pigeons in the sky, controlling insectoid monsters and summoning them at will, propelling himself several building stories only by touching mechanical objects with lots of energy such as cars and batteries, deactivating radio stations and locating hidden energy shards with a radar sense.

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