Take five reasons their should be a goat simulator character on this site

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maybe if i say more info about pilgor the main goat sim charachter he will be aproved
his powers are peak human condition biokinesis wallcrawling survive in space kill non corporeal beings shapeshifting anti gravity agility gravity manipulation flight summoning transmutation explosion manipulation audio control wind control broadway force pocket reality manipulation energy blasts beams and manipulation time manipulation timeframe control bullet time fire control invisibility cloaking electrokinesis
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he is small building level
his speed is peak human to superhuman
his strength is 1000 to 5000 kg smalll building class
his durability is small building level
his stamina is extremely high
his range attacks are 10 meter
equipment many
intellegence average
There should not be goat simulator **** on this website! PERIOD
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there are other game charachters on this site so goat sim charachters can also be added
@Jon, Goat simulator characters wouldn't be worth anything on this sight, cause the game is a parody game.
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One punch man is a parody charachter yet he is on this site
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1 there are other game charachters and animals on this site
2 pilgor and the other goats have superpowers
3 goat simulator is my favorite game
4 goat simulator characters are not really overpowered
5goat simulator is amazing
Why is that comment blurred he said nothing Bad