Superman vs Hulk but its realistic

Created by Kal_Fn, 5 mo 14 d ago.

Imagine if we chose the closest person to superman and closest person to hulk and make them fight together in an arena it would be like this:
Well, He trained hard since he was a kid to become the best fighter in the world, He hardly trained in guns, Hand to hand combat, Martial arts, But mostly trained in hand to hand combat which made him the strongest man and most feared in the world, He is in war since he was kid kill anyone who tries to challenge him, He spent most of his life in war and has very strong charisma and motivation that made him who he is today.

The most muscular man in the world, Has the ability to carry heavy things and do extremely strong punches, Just like superman he spent most of his life training, but he's weaker than superman in hand to hand combat and martial arts and gun carrying, He's in war fighting only using heavy guns, Also has very strong charisma and motivation but not like superman.

If we put realistic superman as mentioned before and realistic hulk in an arena who would win?
Edit:Both are bloodlusted and none can use guns