Superheroes as Pokemon Trainers

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Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think certain heroes (or villains) would pick for pokemon?



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Batman - Crobat
Wonder Woman - Mega Lopunny
Mystique - Zoroark
Deadpool - FEAR Rattata
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Tony Stark would most definitely have Steel type.
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I don´t know what pokemon Loki would have.
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Someone just told me that he´d probably have a Jigglypuff (because of drawing on people´s faces when they sleep).
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Hal Jordan - Mewtwo (shiny)
Spawn - Darkrai
Wolverine II - Weavile
Wasp - Beedrill
Jubilee - Pikachu
Ms. Marvel - Tapu Koko
Angela - Aegislash
Supergirl - Gardevoir
Moon Knight - Lunala
Cassandra Cain - Crobat
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A pokemon that practically represents the moon would make so much sense for Moon Knight.
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Martian Manhunter- Rayquaza
Beast Boy- Ditto
Green Lantern- Deoxys
Animal Man- Mew or Eevee
Aquaman- Kyogre or Lugia
Batman - Greninja or Absol
Captain Marvel- Jolteon
Superman- Dragonite
Doctor Fate- Alakazam
Wonder Woman- Lucario
Hawkman- Staraptor
Hawkgirl- Swellow
Flash- Victini
Cyborg- Beldum
Hulk- Slaking
Thor- Zekrom
Spider-Man- Joltic
Wolverine- Pangoro
Iron Man- Rotom
Scarlet Witch- Mismagius
Doctor Strange- Espeon
Black Panther- Persian
Captain America- Cubone
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Aquaman would definitely have a Kyogre. He would pretty much have every Water type.
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Ooh I like this one. Ok it could be endless so I'm just gonna choose one Pokemon for each of my favorite characters. X-23: weavile Loki: zoroark sentry: Darkrai doctor doom: Mewtwo Thor: Zapdos wolverine: ursaring Nico minoru: mightyena
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Yeah, Loki would probably have a Zoroark!
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To be honest, my all-time fave, Thor, I think would have all electric type.

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