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This I made this really just for myself to have fun but if you want to make one it's alright by me as long as it follows these guidelines:
1. No profanity of any kind or any non-family friendly content.
2. It has to be about a superhero/villain and cannot contain other users in anyway.
3. The only replies can be ones strictly about the rap itself not the user, and no insults or inappropriate language.


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Nightwing vs Red Hood vs Damian Wayne Rap Battle-
Damian- Who's bright idea was it to put me up against you LOSERS, I'm the youngest of the Robins but the hardest of the BRUISERS, the heir to the thrown of Bruce WAYNE and Todd I can understand you being slow after Joker gave you that MIGRAINE, must have left a bad mark because now you hide your FACE, now to dispatch of this Dick over here with GRACE, and it'll pay in DIVIDEND, so after I have you slip up, try not to break your neck AGAIN.
Red Hood: Aww, little Damian thinks that he can SPIT, but sadly you're nothing more than a spoiled little ****, with an over compensating EGO, it's the Red Hood and both of you are under me I've equaled Bats blasts you both to pieces with my desert EAGLES unremorseful killing SPREE, the two of you and Tim could never equal the one of ME, Barbra would have been a more equal REPLACEMENT, I made a living on my own top of the pyramid while ya'll still in the BASEMENT.
Nightwing: You can't best the ORIGINAL, your pyramid is a lying scheme, because it's Grayson at the PINNACLE, living in my shadow like Ras Al GUAL, Bats hand picked me you accident so you look just like a FOOL, bad mouthing to your superior will get you smacked up Damian I'm more of his son than you will ever BE, and Todd you aren't even an honorable mention so don't you ever come for ME, I am a Titan and a member of the LEAGUE, you're cheap replicas, far below my PEDIGREE.
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Kingpin Freestyle
It's Wilson Grant Fisk, the rap game KINGPIN, now where should I BEGIN, by smashing human insects and any Devil who Dares to step ME, I'll get you and your whole gang slaughtered for a couple G, mastermind with a crime syndicate relishing in INFAMY, infamous for slaying tracks and body-bagging any ENEMY, on point like a BULLSEYE electric on the mic get you clapped like Electra in no TIME give you 50 issues before you're worthy of my PRESENCE have you all work for me cause what's a King without his PEASANTS smash your skull like Joseph Hammer this fact into your HEAD, I'm never ending nightmare like Mephisto laying in your BED, built my empire from nothing, it was all home GROWN, I'll leave a legacy behind while your name will be etched in history written on a TOMBSTONE.
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Daredevil Freestyle
There's about to be a fat MURDA', courtesy of the Daredevil, Matt MURDOCK, emerged from the shadows with my own title, do this in the memory of my FATHER, hit up damage control after I leave you in the rubble of Fisk TOWER, martial artist beat down, guess I'll have to Hand it TO YOU, strike fear into the hearts of your goons like I'm Brother VODOO, now that's a Strange TALE the Kingpin but raps do PALE, in COMPARISON, Sinister Seven, how about I give you Seven Sinister reasons to lay in a coffin like your buried SON, now what was his name RICHARD, right beside Vanessa like a slain family PICTURE, it didn't have to be this way, but you brought up ELEKTRA, because you start speaking of the Devil and he's guaranteed to come and GETCHA.
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Spider-Man Freestyle
Its your friendly neighborhood Peter Parker, repping the Daily BUGLE, get wrapped up by the WEBHEAD resistance is FUTILE, get you smaked DEAD like Scorpion and get a Mrs. Osborne type FUNERAL, savagery a foot call me Craven the HUNTER, leave you blacked out like Mr. Negative and burry your rap career 6 feet UNDER immortal flow like MORBIOUS, reaching a rap METAMORPHOSIS, so God damn GLORIOUS, got a wife so smoking hot shes called Mary JANE, also got a cold side piece called Gwen STACY, the righteous king of the rap GAME, been doing this since Amazing Fantasy #15 so your weak rhymes will never PHASE ME, so amazingly spectacular that in my very own LEAGUE, the true face of the Marvel comic book indus-TRY, and i got it in a Stranglehold to choke out any challengers like a PYTHON, Stan Lee can rest easy knowing he created the greatest ever pop-culture ICON.
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Apocalypse Freestyle
You all need to shut your damn LIPS, bow down then you may speak to APOCALYPSE, front as if your the greatest, but I see threw that FACADE, while I have an entire civilization that worships me like a GOD, punish you for this deplorable BEHAVIOR, slaughter your whole team like I did XAVIER'S, don't mess with En Sabah Nur the moral of this FABLE, leave you pissing in a bed pan then unplug your life support like a CABLE, decapitate you king and knock over the BISHOP, collapse your diaphragm like a deadly HICCUP, I'm SICKA' all these lesser ENTITIES, acting like they're clever until I steal their ENERGIES and spit them back out ten FOLD then wrap up the left overs in some tin FOIL, immortal but your boring my to DEATH, my rage will make the world BOIL, until nothing is LEFT.
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Did you enjoy? If so who should I do next? I'll be posting these often so let me know.
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Teen Titans Rap
Robin: It's Grayson, leader of the Titans, everybody wants to SIGN UP, bust your kneecaps and bench your starting LINE UP, collectively as one FORCE clean up you scrubs and trash you like we doing CHORES, break you down like a rusty GATE, I was destined for greatness since DC issue #38.
Starfire: Bow to the princess of TAMARAN, or be silenced with a solar charged back HAND, pretty on a normal day but in a rap I can get FILTHY, talking big but devour your ego real quick like I'm SILKY beating a titan is boarder line IMPOSSIBLE, we are UNSTOPABLE, there is no PROBABLE chance you make it out of here without a trip to the HOSPITAL.
Cyborg: My intellect allow could leave you a DISMAL, disrupt your gadgets along with all of your GIZMOS, the name is Victor Stone because my Victor-y is already set in STONE, blast your squadron to pieces send you crying HOME, paired with me that's UNFORTUNATE, we are incomparable snap your ligaments and leave your muscle tissue DISPORPORTIONATE.
Raven: All hail the dark queen representing AZARATH, already conquered the rap game this verse is just the AFTERMATH, the dopiest of TITANS, regurgitate fire in every bar like multiple TRIGONS, hearing you is just UNBEARABLE, I rarely laugh but I find it HYSTERICAL, that you take pride in something so Terra-BLE play with you like a child's TOY then past the mic to Beast BOY.
Beast Boy: They save the best for last that's why I'm the FINAL, nail put in your coffin and I'll do this PRIMAL, feasting at the top while your starving hoping for SURVIVAL rapid fire precision shots like an automatic RIFLE worshiped by all the women like a false IDOL, but no one could be REALER, how bout' I tragically spill YOUR, guts in the CEMENT smash you like Cinderblock and brag about this post-crisis EVENT.
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Which Titan had the coldest flow? Who do you want to see next? I'll be posting these often so let me know.
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Deathstroke Freestyle
Toddlers talking mad, how about I BUST THIS, ammo clip in all your heads, to show amatures cold JUSTICE, taking this mask on OFF, show the face a real killer and then laugh you OFF, all of you living in my SHADOW like a Dark KNIGHT, beat you scrubs in BATTLE then take all of your LIFE, get jumped down in Jump city send you skulls flying LATERAL, as I decimate your tower, better hope you have COLLATERAL. Rip the wings off of a Robin, and assassinate a Star GIRL, leave you on your heels like a real princess make a bird HUREL, up his BREAKFAST dilute a Cyborg the heat from this cold flow cause he coming at me RECKLESS, and putting his career on the line, so add that fact in your database and being some CONTEMPLATION, as I fillet a little Beast through INCINERATION, then snort the ashes, and spit them at this EMO, daddy issued demon mutt all with put a RELOAD, slayed these "Titans" casually and disposed of their EGOS.
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Did you enjoy? If so who should I do next? I will gladly take any suggestions you might have, just reply to this one if you have a request.
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War Machine Freestyle
Blow apart you and anyone outside of my PEDIGREE, crown in my possession? Well it better BE, the unstoppable Machine waging War against EVERYONE, weapons armed and loaded to slay you and your BRETHREN, you better RUN, slick black and silver war PAINT, when Rohde flows on a mic all the girls FAINT, drop you in the fighting ring 7 times call me MANDARIN tear you into pieces for SLANDERIN', my LEGACY, been at it twenty years plus and still no one has bested ME, I got the repulsars but you are just REPULSING, brush you off easily to the ground and then begin VAULTING, all the way up to the top SPOT pass your former GLORY, end a one hit wonder with a one SHOT, then tell your chick the STORY.
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Did you enjoy it? If so, who should I do next? I'll be posting these often so let me know.
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Avengers Rap
Captain America: The CAPTAIN, bust your jaw into FRACTIONS, turn the page and leave you speaking through CAPTIONS, lose your mind trying to stop me like a MADBOMB shatter your world like Zola you won't last LONG, follow the same fate as Hydra, yes you will LOSE, flow like a river it's the truth so you MOVE!
Iron Man: No need for an INTRODUCTION, Tony blast you back and cause a CONCUSION, sharpest brain on the planet, while you couldn't be more DULL, show up talking trash and I'll change attitude like a SKRULL, rich enough to spit out bars of GOLD, so when you get dropped don't say you weren't TOLD the Stark name echoes through HISTORY, greatest? Well that's not a MYSTERY.
Thor: It's the strongest of all of Asgard's WARRIORS, tear apart legions of giants with Mjolnir and come out VICTORIOUS, see through all you lies call me HEIMDALL, Odinson represent the all father spitting PRIMAL, heat up a mic like SUTUR, send your ashes to Valhalla after a verbal MURDER, there is no crevasse to HIDE, one way or another you won't leave ALIVE.
Hulk/Bruce Banner: The Strongest one there IS, Hulk has a harder time taking a PISS/on these phony RAPPERS gamma radiated beast leave you dead and hung from the RAPTURES/ Hulk clap away a GALAXY number 1? Goes to Hulk, just an EVENTUALITY Hulk stomp you out of REALITY/ While maintaining my composer and do it in a FLASH no one will last long once/Hulk SMASH!
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Which Avenger is the dopiest on the mic? Who do you want to see next? I'll be posting these often so let me know.
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Ultron Freestyle
There are no strings on me so I won't pull any PUNCHES, sure of my victory, your just giving HUNCHES, Odinson's rhymes are so cancerous they put Jane to SHAME, unworthy of my time which is why you lost your NAME, you see like Hemidall but I'm beyond that Vison and the result will be the SAME, with me conquering the WORLD, I'll siege on this asgard and leave Goldie Locks CURLED, up in a ball and then disable TONY with cheesy rhymes like MACARONI and then put some Pepper ON IT perfect creation with a techno-flow BIONIC, drain the red from Cap and crew inside of my VERSES, drop you off like Bucky and then send you out in HEARSES, puny Banner's next breath will be his LAST, go ahead and get mad even Hulk'll get SMASHED, into the PAVEMENT, break apart a S.H.E.I.LD. really just to make a STATEMENT Earth's mightiest? Think you need a better TEAM, so stand down and gaze apon the glory that is the age of ME.
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Now that I have made 15 raps, I'll rank them in order from what I think is #1-15 (last to first)
15. Darkseid
14. Atrocitus
13. Drax
12. Larfleeze
11. Nightwing
10/9. Tied between Iceman and Gambit
8. Hulk/Banner
7. Mister Negative
6. Star Lord
5. Ghost Rider
4. Uatu
3. Hal Jordan
2. Joker
1. Thanos
What is your top 15?
1. Atrocitus
2. Darkseid
3. Drax
4. Gambit
5. Hulk/Banner
6 Hal Jordan
7 . Ghost Rider
8 . Larfleeze
9. Ice man
10 . Thanos
11. Star Lord
12 . Nightwing
13. Joker
14 .uatu
15 . Mister negative
P.S put deadpool in your next polll
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Really, you think Atrocitus's was the best? I mean everyone has there opinion, but I thought his was sub-par.
3+ years member.
Sorry I meant Darkseid, but I thought they were both low on the list regardless.
TBH their were your best of the best so far
3+ years member.
Interesting, we both have completely different opinions on the same thing.
Yeah . We are possibly two completely different personalities . I bet if me and you met in real life we wouldn't get along 😂
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Well, which individual line out of all of them was your favorite?
Atrocitus spreading galaxy wide ATROCITIES spit out a destructive level verse with Flash tier VELOCITIES
3+ years member.
Yeah, that was a really good line, but the reason I put his lower is because overall it was decent at best, the middle was a little bit all over the place, and the ending was rushed, but you know what on second thought after rereading, it was really good and it should be higher on my list. I still think the Darkseid one was meh though.
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User Vote: Drax the Destroyer Freestyle
Everyone thinks there ahead of me, that not possible my reflexes are too FAST, I'll catch you on the way up and then slam your punk ASS, king of the rap game you are just a TOURIST, out rap you in different ways just don't call me THESAURUS, skin you head to toe and use your screams as a CHORUS, oh what I wasn't listening, I was thinking of something ELSE, the time I ripped through Thanos, and did it by MYSELF, why would I put my finger on your thought? Just to rip your head OFF, born to slay titans, and worthy of a spin OFF, soaring high with the Guardians well beyond YOU, smash you threw the dirt and then Batista Bomb YOU! Partnered with a Star Lord, dumb tree, and a green WHORE, body bagged a monster, blow you out so bad they don't keep SCORE, you walked in standing, but left of the FLOOR, massacre the rap game and left them wanting more.
Yesssssss. Perfection! Makes it even better imagining Dave actually rap this lol.
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Thank You! I tried to use as many quotes as possible.
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User Vote: Atrocitus Freestyle
Atrocitus spreading galaxy wide ATROCITIES spit out a destructive level verse with Flash tier VELOCITIES, anger over all is my only PHILOSOPHY, so I'll rage on my lesser ADVERSARIES, and let my hate rise anointed in BLOOD with vicious VOCABULARY to bury you in MUD after I end you with a back HAND fist of death like I had a Black HAND skill of all corps combined call me KRONA speculate about a Specter as I split both you each PERSONA, and expose you for the fraud you ARE anybody near me not by FAR, challenging me well I must CONCUR that I'll leave you broken like Abin SUR, got done by PARA-LAX greatest to ever do it just spitting FACTS, and then on this beat MURDER YOU still standing? How has it not OCCURRED to YOU that all your bars are FILLER and you are were no match for this cold blooded KILLER.
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Hal Jordan Freestyle
You throw shots at us now I have to BURY YOU, you're so terrifying, how come no one's SCARED of YOU? Because you are nothing but HYPE no weak rapper shall escape my SIGHT no longer apart of Paralax but I'll enjoy ruining your LIFE matter fact haven't I already schooled you TWICE leave you full of fear like SINESTRO, warp you out of existence like Dr. Fate and do it PRESTO, strongest of your kind? Still not IMPRESSED THOUGH, you got a couple feats... I am still the BEST THOUGH, master air force PILOT big and red but leave your punk self looking VIOLET, maybe I might get a little VOILENT ever since the Darkest Day you've been SILENT, what's the matter lost your all of will to FIGHT, that's what happens when you face Green Lantern's LIGHT!
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Did you enjoy it? If so, who should I do next? I'll be posting these daily so let me know.
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Uatu The Watcher Freestyle
Destroy you for eons like an infinity WAR, snatch up your sis, mom, wife then make a Fantastic FOUR, NOTORIOUS for out rapping folks and always being VICTORIOUS leader of the watchers and we some WARRIORS, visualize every outcome like Agamotto SORCERY kill you followed by your gang and do it ORDERLY start from the beginning like an Original SIN, Uatu spitting out heat yeah he at it AGAIN sidelined by the Watcher, now you watching me WIN I foresaw me getting the title before I'd even BEGIN, bring you to reality and I don't need no STONES, gangsta running through my blood as I sit on the THRONE I lost my eyes yet can't you SEE, and I've been doing this stuff since 63' these bums all want to sleep on ME, well that's fine just say hi to Mephisto when I leave you RIP.
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Did you guys enjoy it? If so who should I do next? I'll be posting these daily so let me know.
Drax would be a hilarious freestyle since he's so quotable
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User Vote: Darkseid Freestyle
Bow down to your new god UXAS, split you into pieces like I did the lantern FACTIONS, spit omega on this mic and then talk with ACTIONS, bodied the Justice League just to see their REACTIONS break apart your rhymes and sell them back as FRACTIONS. Challenging me puts you wrong SEID leave you seeing Darkness if you don't ABIDE, universal threat not even Clack can SURVIVE my onslaught roasted a super team ALIVE, destroy you everyday of the weak like I'm Solomon GRUNDY, I just think it's FUNNY that I could conquer the universe tomorrow and people would still LOVE ME.
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Thanos Freestyle
You think those rhymes are good? Need to make some RECALIBRATION, as I proceed to dispose you and your Anti-Life EQUATION, no FACIN' off against greater advisory leave you COMPLACENT, grill a pathetic god like he was some BACON, send you to the other side and please Mistress DEATH, after hearing you sad lines makes me wish I was DEAF, the BRINGER of balance erase you with the snap of my FINGERS, defeated Galactus and ETERNITY, step up to the titan and it's a one way to the INFIRMARY, step on a lesser foe for spitting straight STUPIDITY, end a baby boy like his mom had INFERTILITY, disintegrate you with my rhymes, send this weak rapper into INFINITY!
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Did you guys enjoy it? If so who should I do next? I'll be posting these regularly so let me know.
That was one of your best so far .
Could you do Ocs?
10 thumbs up
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Thank you both so much, it really does mean a lot. And @ManOfPower, sorry I would love to but this is suppose to be just Marvel and DC characters (I'm more familiar), and because I don't know enough about OC's to freestyle off the dome.
Alright I'll open a Ocs freestyle
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Ghost Rider Freestyle
It's the hellfire gangsta known as Johnny BLAZE, better keep your distance or get engulfed by the FLAMES, bow down and rethink battling the RIDER, penance for this crime and refer to me as SIRE, ran over Black Heart and curb stomped MEPHISTO rapid fire bars and I never need to RELOAD, ignore all of your RIDICULE, minimize your minimal threats and leave you MINISCULE it's CRITICAL to heed every WARNING, or you'll get the Spirit of Vengeance beating you until MORNING, cook all of you weak FRIES honestly how hard is it to REALIZE the pain from my stair can't be DESCRIBED, but I'll enjoy taking your soul, so just look into THESE EYES.
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Star Lord Freestyle
Whistling Dickie while cutting through my opposition like I'm YONDU, think you're a super star? Garneted that I am BEYOND YOU, spend my life guarding the GALAXY but Jason Quill at the top is soon becoming REALITY, blow you apart like Ronin for accusing me of false FLAGGIN' stun you with word play the beat you senseless if you caught LACKIN', Star Lord, not just a TITLE cause I rule above the stars while you fight for SURVIVAL, beware the ARRIVAL of the Aurora's pilot, then act like Groot and pierce all your VITALS, bring the heat from my core like the NOVA, who's the dopiest to ever do it? Now that discussion's OVA.
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User's Vote: Hulk/Bruce Banner Freestyle
Gamma radiated BEHEMOTH Hulk smash! All challengers just give Hulk a REASON/ too intelligent to be thrown off my CONCENTRATION body you just like did an ABOMINATION dispatch of you with word play into OBLITERATION/ Hulk the strongest there is, in both rap and MUSCLE, Hulk is unmatched in both flow and HUSTLE, Hulk smash you like Hulk did ONSLAUGHT, and then write about Hulk's dominance in a Stan Lee, ONE SHOT/ So rich in rap skill Tony couldn't even AFFORD, took out the world, wait haven't I done this BEFORE? I have and left them all wanting MORE, deliver my the crown on my BEHALF and then end the verse with a brutal/ Hulk SMASH!
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Did you enjoy it? If so who do you want to see next? I'll be posting 1 or 2 of these a day so let me know.
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@ManOfPower, here is the Hulk rap you wanted.
On i forgot to comment on it
I thought it was very good and we ll thought
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User's Vote: Nighwing Freestyle
Nightwing jumping in to destroy your FACE, called Dick Grayson because girls handle my first name with GRACE, don't want to see me on a dark night, because I jumped out shadow just to put you in ya PLACE, acrobatic BEAST killer like a croc goin out to FEAST on the scum of Gotham DELICIOUS, Scarecrow is not necessary to see your worst FEAR because it's me coming in VICIOUS don't need the Doctor's Ice because my rap game is crystal CLEAR, claiming your better than me just proves you are a LIAR always get the ladies just pep StarFIRE, young blood. leading a new age of JUSTICE to rid the world of evil immortal skill nobody can TOUCH THIS think you got the game on lock how about I BUST THIS wide open and invoke my right to the CROWN greatest rapper ever guess I've been FOUND.
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Joker Freestyle
That was clever but don't expect a NOD, unless it's your head getting cracked with a crowbar like I did Jason TODD, well passed INSANITY murder innocent civilians while getting my suit pressed with VANITY I made the Batman laugh bet your raps will TO stepping to me is suicide like the name of Harley's CREW, the sinister, maniacal JOKER with bars darker than the lungs of a SMOKER throw cash on your corpse because betting against me is like a bad game of POKER, I am one of a KIND while you were replaced three freaking TIMES must have been trained by Alfred with those Dr. Seuss RHYMES, straight CHILDISH there is no DENYING THIS lyrical MONSTER and Starfire told me if only you would last LONGER that she wouldn't mess with the man who's bed game is STRONGER all of your attempts are in VEIN break and birdie boys back like the name was BANE, think your the best... HA! and they call me INSANE.
I like the joker one, that was good
3+ years member.
@Kanine88, thank you!
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Mister Negative Freestyle
It's Mister NEGATIVE standing at the PRECIPICE of greatness while on the bottom rotting I'm on top and my rein is AGELESS rid you of your pride and leave you NAMELESS, high above you clown in a different REALM, Dark-force dimension and I'm sitting at the HELM everyone will know my name just give me One More DAY, and I'll bring a pun a brand new AGE left for dead but built an empire living on a Golden MOUNTAIN Martin Li' will make it rain on you like a water FOUNTAIN leave scrubbing my shoes while I'm COUNTIN' all this sweet CHEDDER give you some New Ways To Die, ask Brock even he knows BETTER then to mess with ME SEE, you just write lines while I write yo EULOGIES all hopped up on Dark-Force ENERGIES I am unbeatable just look at all my ENIMIES.
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Which Hero/ Villain do you want me to do next?
Reverse Flash - eobard Thawne
Ok don't worry I'm not going to do anymore on here I promise😂
The Flash -
My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive . Keep on running sting ing your eyes. Try to Keep up when I'm moving faster than time . Dude your to slow when I'm busting all my rhymes . Dude
I'm the flash . Making ton of cash even for my own show . any other shows tell them they are a no-go . So stop trying to run . Your slower than a Nun . Sorry bro this was confronted me it was really really fun . But for now the flash is out . I'm Done
This Better?
3+ years member.
Yes, but remember this is mainly just for me.
The Flash -
I'm The Flash
I'm making dc ton of cash
Try to keep up with my rhyme
When I m moving faster than time
I'll show you What S up while I'm beating on zoom
Punch you in the face and cause a sonic Boom
3+ years member.
No disrespect @ManOfPower, thanks for the addition, but this is mainly just for me. Now I don't have much of a problem with this but at least make the next one longer and write to the end of the line otherwise it takes up too much space.
Ok sorry I'll try to make them longer 😌
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Larfleeze Freestyle
It's the one and only Agent ORANGE tear up a beat like Goldilocks does PORRIDGE, in league of my own no one matching my RHYME use the light of avarice and take whats MINE, which is EVERYTHING fear my bars like Paralax but I'm far more MENACING oath to destroy all comers with my lantern RING mine, mine, Mine! is my only CREED stole the crown and goat status still not enough to feed my GREED it's never ENDING stop PRETENDING that you stand a chance list of who's next well that is still PENDING crushing all the lantern CORPS not even Hal can stop me steal a page from Atrocitus and feed from his CORPSE. Flow is DIVINE it's closing TIME who rap is the best obviously MINE.
3+ years member.
Did you guys enjoy it? And if so who should I do next? I'll be posting one of these a day, so let me know.
3+ years member.
Well I mean people created post talking about YouTube and who their favorite person is and neither of those things have anything to do with superheroes.
3+ years member.
Sorry wrote this before reading what you said.
10+ years member.
Please, not another rap post. This is a website about Superheroes not a music website.
3+ years member.
But the raps are about superheroes.
10+ years member.
Next thing you know we're talking about knitting superhero sweaters. I'll make an Off-Topic section and put this post in there.
2+ years member.
Good idea Galactus, is this something you want to put your foot down upon?
2+ years member.
Why are anime characters on this site if it was a site about superheroes?
10+ years member.
Maybe because they have superpowers? Or at least are part of the story of characters with superpowers. Most of the anime characters were suggested by the users and voted for by multiple users.
You could also ask the question 'Why are villains on this site...?'
And yes, I will be moving topics to the Off-Topic section.
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You know I'm Mr Sharpshooter
Mr one pop drop
On the block
Lock stock and barrel
Aimin red dots
At your chest
I'm the best
Deathstroke is a mess with it
Ask about Floyd they'll tell you I'm the best with it
Lookin right at ya
Take out that eye on Slade
And from what I can gather he ain't ever been paid
Like me
Gotham City's OG
I'm reppin just like my weapons
The deadliest MC
You know who it is
I'll always have a plan
The one that's lightin up at night
The one and only Batman
I'm not afraid to take rookies down
But seems like that's the task
And I see all the fear behind
Your cute criminal mask
I'm Gotham City's undeclared ruler and protector
Everything Deadshot does
The Bat does better
(Not meant to be a rap battle)
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Nice using the lyrics from Infinite Source, I won't tell.
2+ years member.
Stop stealing.
3+ years member.
Iceman Freestyle
It's the one and only ICEMAN, step to me and get iced MAN, intellectual smart enough for an institute for the GIFTED with an omega level flow dope enough to get ADDICTED, ENLISTED, as a top class X-man by the one and only XAVIER the people's SAVIOR that bitter taste of defeat in the brotherhoods mouth, better get used to the FLAVOR. Have the most beautiful woman so fine I can't STAND IT, your boy so chill he took her from GAMBIT crash LANDED in the top spot Bobby Drake best to ever do it though I didn't plan IT crumble under the sub-ZERO HERO, and I went easy on the beat so take that for GRANTED.
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Gambit Freestyle
Yo, I know we on the same team but I'ma have to let you have it dawg.
It's one and only Remy LEBEAU true greatest no need to explain cause you already KNOW break little Bobby boy and sprinkle the pieces like SNOW, institute let me give you LESSON, you MESSON with martial artist master thief wrap you up in a SESSION, no GUESSEN, be more like Kurt count your BLESSIN can't freeze the heat from my mic like a kinetically charged WEAPON, it's over mess with your mind verbally when I BRING the mental abuse like Jean fused with the Shadow KING, RUTHLESS your at your peak while my ceiling is ROOFLESS, it's USELESS to RESIST THIS lyrical powerhouse more punch than COLOSSUS leaving because my win is OBVIOUS but more like a Juggernaut cause no one can STOP THIS.

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