Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories

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You guys get to write a story about superheroes or villains fighting from any universe of your choice. Whether it's Marvel VS DC, or OC's fighting each other, or a Friday the 13th Universe character fighting a character from a kid's show, or MCU Characters fighting DCEU, or Halo VS Power Rangers, or Lab Rats VS Word Girl, or TF2 VS Overwatch, or the Witherstrom from Minecraft Story Mode VS Godzilla! This is your choice, and your creativity comes to life. Please write an explanation for why a specific character won. Team Battles are allowed, please be nice to each other, respect each other's opinions, and have fun! You are allowed to disagree but be nice!


Dusk_Pikachu 3 y 4 mo 18 d
Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories
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Thanos vs Thor (MCU battle) This may be considered a bit gory or intense. I've tried to make it the least disturbing as possible.

Normal Battle:
Fight Intro:
The fight is set in Thanos's garden. Thor is from Infinity War whereas Thanos is from Endgame. Thanos has possession of his double sided sword and Thor only has Stormbreaker. Thanos has possession of his armour and Thor has his normal Asgardian amour.
Both fighters are 50 meters away from each other. Begin!!! They rush into attack, Thor taking the aerial advantage immediately. Thor throws Storbreaker with high force toward Thanos, only for the Titan to call his sword and block it. Thor summons Stormbreaker and launches a lightning bolt at Thanos. Thanos rolls across the ground but isn't harmed! Thanos throws his sword at Thor who blocks it with Stormbreaker and deflects it. Thanos is aware of his sword speeding at him and catches it, only for Thor to throw Stormbreaker. Thanos wasn't aware of this attack and is struck on the chest. The axe rips through Thanos's armour and through his chest. Thor recalls Stormbreaker which is already in Thanos's chest, further opening his body. Thanos roars in pain as Thor watches from above. He is ready to throw Stormbreaker again, towards the head. He thinks of how much pain Thanos has caused in his heart. He tenses his fists and with incredible rage splits his head into two with Stormbreaker. Thanos's shouting stops. His body falls and his blood spreads across the ground, leaving a red stain.
Winner: Thor

Game Battle:
Fight Intro: Thor is from Infinity War and Thanos is from Endgame. They both possess armour. Strength: Thor | Durability: Thor | Skill: Thor | Speed: Thor | Intelligence: Thanos. HP: Thanos 100 Thor 130
Fight: Round 1: Thor uses Thunder Bolt, it does 15 damage! It isn't very effective. Thanos uses sword strike, it does 75 damage! It is super effective! Round 2: Thor uses Axe Throw, it does 70 damage! It is super effective! Thanos uses Full force bash, it does 50 damage! Thor is unable to continue, Thanos wins!
TheImaginator 3 y 5 mo 13 d
Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories
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This isn't going to be a battle it is going to be a race.

Barry Allen vs Wally West,

A mysterious reality warping villain has kidnapped Iris and Linda and says that if they don't race from one side of the universe to the other he'll kill them but he didn't tell them that whoever loses takes the place of Iris and Linda.

On Your Marks,

Get Set,


They start of at equal speeds but Barry quickly takes the lead. Wally's lightning turns white as he pulls in front of Barry, Barry then equals the race. They cross the halfway point and Barry determined to win and save Iris he takes over Wally as he runs faster than anyone has ever ran before, to fast for light, to fast for negative light, to fast for the speed force and to fast for even sight. Barry closes his eyes and crosses the finish line but as he does he vanishes leaving only his ring. A few micro-seconds later Wally crosses the finish line second and mourned for Barry's death. Then the mysterious villain releases Iris and Linda and then starts to erase Wally from existence when Barry's ring opens and Barry flies out of the ring and knocks out the villain. Then Wally comes back into existence and they unmask the villain. He was revealed to be Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.
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DrOccult 3 y 5 mo 12 d
Superhero / Supervillain Battle Stories
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That's lame 😂😂😂