Star Wars Trailer releases? Hellboy an absolute nightmare?

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I agree they just got everything wrong. What a waste of time and potential to make a great movie with a really cool character.
I watched a real stinker of a movie today, Hellboy was such a sad attempt at rebooting a movie franhise that I loved very much with the first two movies. It is a movie literally no one asked for and it is just a really sad sight to see this kind of talent go to waste on this film. Dialogue is weird and badly written and everything is just paced wrong and has many issues. Overall? Hellboy has some fun action stuff but the CG is so bad it distracts from what is happening. 3.5/10 for me
But nonetheless I was super excited for the Star Wars trailer being released! Man was I excited because I wanted to see a good Star Wars movie after having to sit through the utter garbage that was The Last Jedi, I was so excited to see Rey as a full on Jedi! She looks amazing! The cinematrography was fantastic from what I saw, but the biggest thing that surprised me that I was excited for was wait for it.... The Emperor, he's back! That's right the Galactic senate is coming back so it looks like maybe they will setup a new story for us so we can finally move on to a decent Star Wars story where I actually care about the characters!{/spoiler]
But overall with the Star Wars trailer? I was mainly uninterested in every single thing I saw in besides the one little thing in my spoiler above^. it looks like we are gonna see more of Finn and Po who I really have no interest in, except whenever they are being funny. From what I have seen so far, it just looks like they are gonna fight Kylo Ren and that's about it. So I am really disinterested in what this one is gonna bring us as far as a movie standpoint and its plot but maybe I'll be surprised, I guess we will find out around christmas time.

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