Rebooting of the hulk films?

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Share your thoughts on whether you think Marvel should reboot the hulk films using Mark Ruffalo as Bruce banner or not, and say why!


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They should not reboot the Hulk films. The Incredible Hulk (amazing movie in my opinion) is part of the MCU, so they should just continue off of that (if Universal lets them). Maybe have Thunderbolt Ross become Red Hulk and Betty become Red She-Hulk.
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The last one was BAD! 2003 was better than alright and they got the Hulk's dimensions right, too; that tank scene was great, too; they had great villains for him to fight, but they seemed to make him much smarter than he should have been. At the end, for instance, he was smart enough to change the course of the fight against his dad. Regular Hulk did not think; he was a fighter and that was it. If any of them needs a reboot, it's the 2008 version that I owned and trashed. Maybe do a WWH version, even, maybe where Betty dies and we get the full Hulk.

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