Reasons why this Website is going bad.

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Explain your reason if you think this Website is just doing bad.


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I left after a few weeks, and I came back and the website has the same problem, Most of the points I see is really just a problem of the internet, like haters and added OC ect. This is not the problem. The biggest problem is the inability for most people to have functional debates that reside on this site. I'll post a battle and the only answer i'll get is ___ Stomps. Sometimes it can be valid, but very rarely. The amount of wanking and how uneducated people are seeming is really mind boggling. Like earlier I saw someone say Darksied could solo Thanos, Silver Surver, and a few more. No. No he could not, he could barely take Thanos, he could defiantly not take both. Another claimed General Zod as Multi-Universal. He is barely Solar System level. To make this a decent site people need to be able to back up why X character wins, and not saying X stomps, and be able to provide proof. There are far better VS sites, like r/whowouldwin (Reddit) and the VSbattles wiki, as people actually appear to know what they are saying.
My only concern is the constant vicious arguing and not really just enjoying debating superheroes and it seems some people takes things waaaaaaayyy too seriously.
And I need to seperate the OCs more from the other characters -> Really thanks you for that!
I do have a reason why the website is going bad,
1. Different people in Different countries that don't understand each other, In other words. They do things very differently than one another.
2. The OC's are taking away the fun out of debating on this website but I don't care about them even so.
3. @Galactus shouldn't have really gave 3 edits in my opinion but since he did that people over rate their characters a lot because of this.
4. People that used to be on this website quit. Or don't come on that often
5. Forums about different topics that are non-related to this website.
6. (Experienced this a lot) People not getting along with each other which leads to being hated to each other.
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@Amirvel Just saying "because @TheNemianLion made debating not fun" doesn't mean anything. Give some examples how he does this, in your OPINION.
I agree that the OCs made a bit of a mess out of the website. And there are still too many copyrighted OCs. I gave everyone time to rename and edit their characters. By the end of the month I'm going to delete all copyrighted characters. And I need to seperate the OCs more from the other characters.
I haven't been a big fan of all those off-topic forum posts. But almost all websites/communities have something like a 'coffee-corner' type section. I am going to close all those rap-related topics, though. At a point there was sort of a rap-wave taking over the webite. I even had to remove about 8 rappers that were suggested (and approved!) as characters. I don't want those in here. No musicians, actors, politicians, your neighbour, other random famous people, etc.
3 reasons: OCs , they made everything so wrong. And people use this site as a platform to talk about life, and who they like and who they don't and fanboys and not only comics which is what the site is supposed to be about. And 3, because @TheNemianLion made debating not fun
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@Amirvel, I could have sworn you made a forum just like this a little while ago, but regardless I have to agree with what you are saying for the most part, the only part I don't agree with is the second part it's called "Superhero" database, nowhere does it say it is specifically for comic books but I agree with literally everything else.
Yeah I have. Nm I don't care if people talk about anime or movie superheroes but people here always talk about totally unrelated stuff
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Yeah, I hate it when they talk about that stuff.
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I've made debating not fun because I use evidence and factual feats? I am only furthering the example Spidey set, you debated against me in the past too, gets it's your fault too, it takes two to tangle, also, I'm pretty sure I advanced debating, more and more people are using facts behind their debates, while all you can do is talk trash.
And... You just proved my point
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So your point is I'm ruining debates because I don't bullshit? I'm ruining debates because I actually use facts, you are as dense as uranium my son.
Ok I'll explain why I think @TheNemianLion made debating not fun. Since he came up with his supposedly good rule that you must have evidence (which is an important rule in debate competitions and obviously when people debate they should give evidence to what they are saying) but it became so serious that if someone fails to give evidence (to be precise, to give evidence according to @TheNemianLion's definition of evidence which for some reason seem to be the only thing that counts) people start to hate them
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Are you actually jokinh... I didn't make those rules, Spidey, ManOfPower and Prodigy did I think, I had nothing to do with that, now you're just pulling shit out of your ass because you don't like me, how pathetic you are... Factual backing SHOULD be serious, that's the only way a statement means anything, if you don't have evidence and it's not proven true in the context, you might as well say nothing at all because none of it is productive.
Lol, I was one of the people not using evidence in the first place XD. ManofPower used to be the same. Spidey would've made it
You just proved my point again, even if you didn't make up this rule (which I didn't say was wrong to make) you are the one who's making it bad by doing exactly what you're doing now, hating
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'Hating' listen, dude, you're the one calling ME out on a post behind my back! You're spineless, just because I say something to you that you don't like, doesn't mean I'm... 'Hating'... Lol, what are you, two? You can't handle the internet? Here's an idea, don't use it if you don't have the mental capacity to do so, it's not the place for you, how is 'hating' proving any point you are trying to make? This is incredibly embarrassing for you because you DON'T HAVE A POINT, TO BEGIN WITH, you're just speaking nonsense to trash on me, how is hating making a rule that you need to use evidence ruining a debate? Where is there any relevance in your sentence? You don't have a factual standpoint, you're just making yourself look childish.
I want both of you to read @IamMoonKnight: 's 6th reason
Read it, totally agree
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I didn't start anything with Amirvel, he attacked me from out of nowhere, completely unwarranted and started trash talking to me about how I'm ruining the site somehow when he knows I bust my ass to make it better, and regardless of what a few people say, who really haven't contributed anything to this site, MCU characters and OC characters were a fantastic addition to this site, no one was complaining when I first suggested them, Amirvel loved the idea, so don't turn sides now.
When Spidey and I had our argument, we both realized it was a bad thing in the end and the comments were deleted. Now I think you 2 should do the same
I did love the idea. Turned out i was wrong and it turned bad. And I still think MCU characters were a good idea
cuz people are adding themselves as superheros and random made up people such as george washington and so far, also why are people "freestyling" on here, makes this website look tacky and unprofessional
"Made up people such as George Washington" Homie, George Washington was a real person
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How are you of all people going talk about the trajectory of this website? You've been here LESS than 3 months and have a total of 6 votes and 6 comments and 1 of those 6 is in this forum if you don't like the site then leave it's that simple, you haven't done anything on here anyways.
@Soul: That is true

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