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This is a forum where you can talk about character that you think are disrespected but for a unjustifiable reason. Give the name of the character, the reason he is hated, and your reasoning for why they don't deserve the disrespect they get. Please no arguing, if you don't agree with their reasoning than that proves you are one of the people that give them unjustified hate. NO REAL WORLD CHARACTERS AND NO MOVIE VERSIONS, ONLY COMICS. Thank you.


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I think Thor is often misunderstood and disrespected with regards to his speed. He is often referred to as "Thor Slowdinson" but in reality Thor is one of the fastest characters in fiction
I think, by writers, Beast Boy. His potential is almost unlimited (non-universal level, at least)
I feel his feats are below his potential and could be written as one of DCs best, even part of JL
Yeah beast boy is also mother underrated person.
He is like Ben Ten for Animals
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Probably HoM Scarlet Witch. People think she's only universal or a bit higher, when in real she is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel, reaching out to the farthest reaches of the Multiverse, albeit making her high multiversal. All people who know a bit about chaos magic and reality warping should know that she's way above people like Thor, Rune King Thor, Superman etc. But, instead, people don't treat her like that
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Kid, I am in but the minority of the community who thinks Rune King Thor can defeat House of M Scarlet Witch
Definitely The Sentry .
He's supposed to be a Superman but he's a lot more than that . Sentry has almost none of superman powers . He's able to go toe to toe with World Breaker Hulk . And he's just a powerful being . It's sucks that he dies in almost every comic he's in . The Sentry IMO is more hated than Aquaman which you know he's hated then . But Sentry is a really cool character it's just i don't fancy him that well
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Cyclops. Ask almost any fan of Marvel and most likely they'll say they hate Cyclops. There reasoning behind it is because of AVX, they believe he is too much like Wolverine, he makes other characters seem less important, they call him an arrogant dick and he has been receiving hate since he first was published for no good reason. He doesn't deserve any of it, in fact he is one of Marvel's best written character and had one of the best character development stages in history. He went from a good leader who constantly doubted his ability and himself, but no matter what he would always put the team and others first despite the common misconception that he is arrogant. A huge example of this is when he created a plan to kill Wolverine if he was ever possessed and became evil and that he would enact on it, but once it happened he didn't go through with it trying to find literally every other way, any other way without killing him which proves he cares dearly for his teammates. And through the years he became an even better leader and someone all mutants could rally behind like the Captain America of Mutants, and he eventually became more and more confident and eventually got rid of all self doubt, not to mention all the emotional anguish and stress (Emma Stone and Jean Grey) and fought threw it and came out of it a better man because of it. So in conclusion out of every character and every X-Men he has one of the best and most consistently well written character evolutions of all time and does not deserve any of the hate he get's for the reason he get's it.
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Sakura- Throughout Naruto part 1, Sakura was by far my least favorite character, but when part 2 rolled around, my position changed, she became more mature, stopped thinking so much about Sasuke, and turned badass. Part 2 of Naruto was kinda a bust as well. But she really shines in Naruto: The Last, and Boruto, I love her character in both of these. She is an amazing single mother, she's powerful now, and doesn't have to rely on Naruto and Sasuke, she gives good advice to Hinata, her good mother moments with Sarada are amazing, overall she's a pretty good character in Naruto: The Last and Boruto.
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Personally, I think Wasp gets way too much disrespect. She gets a lot of flack, people calling her the least powerful of the Avengers, or the most useless Avenger when actually, Wasp is one of the most important members of the team. For one, Marvel themselves said that if the Avengers ranked themselves, Wasp would be number 1. Secondly, Wasp is considered the very soul of the team, she's a founding member and she even came up with the name Avengers. Finally, Wasp is vastly more powerful than people give her credit for. She's harmed beings of incredible power and durability like Thor and Death Seed Sentry. In short, respect Wasp. She's much stronger and more important than you might think she is.
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In which comics has she done that?
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Uncanny Avengers #15, she vaporized 90% of DSS's face. It's also kinda funny how in a different comic from the same run (I'm not sure which it is, but I'm pretty sure it's from Uncanny Avengers), Thor goes to town on DSS and does zero damage to him.
As for when she harmed Thor, it was very, very, very old Marvel, which I really don't like to read, so I don't know what comic it's from.
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Sentry because he is a copy of Superman. Well he is not a copy of him but an improvement. His powers and story are very interesting, his comics deal with real issues like schizophrenia and amnesia as well as the most powerful hero's personal journey to become an actual respected superhero
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Sentry is honestly nothing like Superman

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