Nightwing the Series (ismahawk) vs Ninjak vs Valiant Universe (Batinthesun)

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There both on YouTube if you're wondering but which show is better


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Nightwing the Series (ismahawk) has a better story more exciting
I like nightwing but their's more of a story in ninjak if you hadn't seen it you might want to check it out
Ismahawk all the way.
Rather watch BITS fights though
Have you seen ninjak vs valiant?
Why hasn't this forum gotten any comments?
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There both on YouTube
(Ismahawk) for sure.
I like there vids better, hby who's your fav.
I think ninjak vs valiant was the better show, had better action, and was better story, and just way more fun but I don't even know who ninjak is and nightwing is my favorite of the bat family I really only watched nightwing the series because of the name nightwing slapped onto it

Ninjak was better in my opinion
Both good in my opinion

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