Next Villain after Thanos

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Who is gonna be?


Chaos king 😏
Don't u think he would be too powerful ?
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Lol this will be amazing 😁
@Kluba577 well it would be awesome having a super OP villian in the mcu
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Will be awesome 😉
This guy looks pretty cool. Like cloud appearing from nowhere + he was about to consume city or even planet to own realm
Lang the conqueror, Galactcus or Beyonder
*Kang* stupid auto correct
Lol I hate autocorrect so f*cking much
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1. Enchantress (Thor)
2. Mandarin (Iron Man)
3. Samuel Sterns (Hulk)
4. Red Skull (Captain America)

I would like the Avengers to confront Cole MacGrath and die horribly in their vain efforts to prevent his conquest of the entire world at the evil ending of InFamous 2. The four Marvel characters I mentioned could also be a team that with the combined abilities of Enchantress, Mandarin, Leader and Red Skull could pose an even greater threat than Thanos, albeit without the Infinity Gauntlet that he's gonna lose out of foolishness and not weakness.
You know Harley from iron man 3 is gonna be in endgame. If he becomes iron lad he could get a solo movie and fight the real mandarin.
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I think
4-Doctor Doom
6-Beyonder (lol 😁😉
Celestialz aren't villians tho