My Tournament ...

Starter: ManofPower



Leader: Black Bolt
Brawler: Karnak
Powerhouse: DoomsDay
Robotic: Machine Queen (lady weeds)
Divine: Galactus
Magic: 10-rings Mandarin
Team 2
Speed: Vegeta
Cosmic: Galactus
Pwrhs2: Apocalypse(Ex-cutioners Song)
Elemental: Lady Weeds
Tele: Ebony Maw
Insanity: Emporer Doom
Will this work @Manofpower
Emperor Doom and Galactus are to overpowered
Doomsday is already taken
And if you have two galactuses you have to specific which ones
But Galactus is more powerful than Thanos or Darkseid
Divine: Stormbreaker Thor
Powerhouse: Hercules (marvel)
Insanity: Red Skull
@Manofpower^ will that work?
@Manofpower? ^^
@Manofpower? ^^
Hey man when we doing this one?
Did this one just not happen? Did I miss it?
Sorry bro. It'll start soon maybe tomorrow but I don't feel like it now. Ive been in some trouble
If @Kanine makes a team all I will need is one more
Still room for one more?
I need 11 more 😂
Rules.are at the bottom bro
@Windshadow will face @WolfDragon123
@SirSpidey will Face Me
@Creature99 does not have a opponent yet
@SirSpidey will Face @WolfDragon on second thought
@Electro do you want to join?
1+ years member.
Sure, give me a sec to make a team...
Rules are all the way at the bottom
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1. Sauron
2. Toxin
3. Alan Scott
4. Brainiac
5. Savitar II (Barry Allen/Future Flash)
6. Iron Man Thorbuster
7. Red Death (Bruce Wayne)
8. Black Hand
9. Ancalagon
10. Night King
11. Mewtwo
12. Lobo

I tried not to do any Repeats

Team 1- Sauron, Night King, Savitar II, Lobo, Toxin, Thorbuster

Team 2- Ancalagon, Alan Scott, Red Death, Mewtwo, Brainiac, Black Hand
Black Hand is slightly to no since he has death touch and I already have Saviatr II
1+ years member.
Oof, alright then...Replace Savitar with Zoom, and Black Hand with Mogo
Uhhh... Mogo I'll allowed bro
You got a pretty good team . You'll face off against @Windshado
Users That have joined so far
@ManofPower (Me😉)
I need 11 more users
3+ years member.
I don't think a 16 person tournament is the best idea if we're going to have 12 person teams. Most of the good characters have already been taken, so if too many people join then there will just end up being a bunch of spite matches. I recommend keeping it to 8 people or only letting each person have one 6 person team if you really want to do 16 users.
Your right bro
All i need i one more user and then I'll start them
16 is far to ma ny
1+ years member.
Leader - Doctor Doom
Brawler - Beta Ray Bill
Powerhouse - World Breaker Hulk
Robotic - Amazo
Divine - Hercules
Magic - Shazam
Speed - Flash 3
Cosmic - Silver Surfer
Powerhouse - All Might
Tele-powers - Martian Manhunter
Elemental - Aquaman
Insanity - Joker
Leader - Phantom Stranger
Brawler - Superman Prime One Million
Powerhouse - Ymir
Robotic - Destroyer
Divine - Ares (DC)
Magic - Classic Dr Strange
Speed - Black Racer
Cosmic - White Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Powerhouse - Old King Thor
Elemental - Aquaman
Telepath - Onslaught
Insane - Legion
Stranger and 1,000,000 are to op
So is Black Racer and While lantern
You allowed Swamp Thing and Surtur, both of whom are Phantom Stranger's power level. I'll change SPOM, WL and Black Racer.
I'll replace SPOM with Zeus, WL with Worthy Surfer and Black Racer with Death Seed Sentry.
3+ years member.
Leader - Swamp Thing
Brawler - Doomsday
Powerhouse - Captain Atom
Robotic - Amazo
Holy - Ghost Rider
Magic - Doctor Fate (Giovanni Zatara)
Speed - Black Flash
Cosmic - Hal Jordan
Powerhouse - Sentry
Elemental - Metamorpho
Telepath - Grand Master Luke Skywalker
Insane - Larfleeze
Black flash is to op
3+ years member.
I'll take Godspeed instead then
And now that I think about it Swamp thing is a bit op
3+ years member.
Captain Atom will be my leader and Firestorm will be my powerhouse
Ok cool
Now since your the one on here I'll let you choose.your opponent
3+ years member.
I don't really care, anyone that has a complete team I guess. And should I split my characters into two teams?
Yes . And if that's the case your opponent will be @SirSpidey when the last person joins
3+ years member.
Team 1:
-Doctor Fate (Giovanni Zatara)
-Grand Master Luke Skywalker
Team 2
-Captain Atom
-Ghost Rider
-Hal Jordan
2+ years member.
Team 1

- Gorr The God Butcher
- Thor
- Odin
- Morgan Le Fey
- Doctor Strange
- Surtur

Team 2

- Azazel
- Ultron
- Flash III
- Silver Surfer
- Absorbing Man
- Martian Manhunter
Ok cool
3+ years member.
Aren't Gorr and Surtur above Thanos and Darkseid's level?
Gorr and Surtur are around Darkseids level right ?
Since Gorr and Surtu r have been defeated by Thor
3+ years member.
That's @SirSpidey's call since he knows those characters better than anyone
Change Surtur and Gorr please
Do you want to join ?
2+ years member.
#1) Odin
#2) Azazel
#3) Thor
#4) Ultron
#5) Morgan Le Fey
#6) Doctor Strange
#7) Flash III
#8) Silver Surfer
#9) Surtur
#10) Absorbing Man
#11) Martian Manhunter
#12) Gorr The God Butcher
Thank you
Now Divide those 12 people into 2 Teams please
#1 Iron Man
#2 Sabretooth
#3 Black Adam
#4 Optimus Prime
#5 Spawn
#6 Doctor Fate
#7 Savitar II
#8 Darksei d
#9 Goku
#10 Ice Man
#11 Vibe
#12 Carnage
Team 1
Black Adam
Optimus Prime
Doctor Fate
Savitar II
Ice Man
Iron Man
Team 2
Darksei d
Gok u
2+ years member.
How will having 12 team members work?
You will have two separate teams .
You will have a team of twelve . Two teams . Holy must use all twelve Categories . Ocs are not allowed
Strongest can be Darkseid/Thano s Level
Category 1
Leader - Iron Man , Batman , Captain America
Category 2
Brawler - Wolverine , Bane , Collossus
Category 3
Powerhouse - Superman , Thor , Hulk
Category 4
Robotic - Ultro n , Optimus Prime , Terminator
Category 5
Divine - Wonder Woman , Thor , Kratos , Spawn
Category 6
Magic - Raven , Doctor Fate , Scarlet Witch
Category 7
Speed - Kabal , Trace r , Flash
Category 8
Cosmic - Green Lantern , Darksei D , Silver Surfer
Category 9
Powerhouse 2 - Gok u , Thano s , Red Hulk
Category 10
Elemental - Killer Frost , Firestorm , Magneto
Category 11
Tele-Powers - Vibe , Jean Grey , Professor X
Category 12
Insanity - Venom , Deadpool , Carnage , Joker
Also Copies are allowed
You may have
Tony Stark Thor Buster and Tony Stark Hulk Buster etc etc

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