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I don't want to say what i believe the most powerful DC character is. I would like to know who YOU believe the most Of dc Character is. Why? Cause I'm interested 😁😀


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Where is the other 0.3%? 😀 @TheSuspect666
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Hahaha i think Lucifer is 0.3% more powerful than Death
I'm not so sure abou this ;D
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Yes. He is...

i dont remember any else
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Is that the only three characters you know?
0. Batman with prep time (sorry just throwback to Batman memes😂😂)
1. Grant Morrison (represent's the writer)
2. Empty hand(represent's the reader)
3. Over monitor/overvoid(represents the paper)
4. The presence
5. The source
6. Elaine belloc
7. The great evil beast
8. Death of the endless
9. Lucifer / Michael
10. Pralaya

HM: The endless(every member except death), The Spectre, Dr Manhattan, Anti monitor, Thought robot, mandrakk the dark monitor, radiant, eclipso, Mister mxy, emperor joker, Synnar, Gabriel Hornblower, Parallax, Superman prime 1 million,
Darkseid (Anti-life equation)
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0. The Over-Monitor
1. The Presence/Elaine Belloc/Great Evil Beast
2. Death of the Endless
3. Lucifer Morningstar/Michael Demiurgos
4. Pralaya/Synnar the Demiurge
5. Destiny of the Endless
6. Spectre (fully powered)
7. Dream of the Endless/Ultimator(10D imps)
8. Eclipso/Radiant
9. Superman Cosmic Armor/Mandrakk the Dark Monitor
10. Delirium of the Endless/Despair of the Endless/Destruction of the Endless/Desire of the Endless
1. The Presence/Elaine Belloc/Great Evil Beast
2. Death of the Endless
3. Michael Demiurgos
4. Lucifer Morningstar
5. Destiny of the Endless
6. Dream of the Endless (Morpheus)
7. Delirium/Desire/Destruction/Despair of the Endless
8. Spectre/Phantom Stranger (unrestricted)
9. COIE Anti-Monitor
10. 5D imps

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