Missing Powers

Created by _Holy_Joe_, 1 y 5 mo 2 d ago.

I've been doing some deep research over the web, and it turns out a lot of characters are missing some powers. For example, I've found out that Ghost Rider's missing possession and immortality and Captain America's missing enhanced eyesight after looking into Screenrant. Do you think some others are missing some powers? Should they be added? Share your thoughts and ideas!

Link: https://screenrant.com/agents-of-shield-ghost-rider-unknown-superpowers/


Galactus 1 y 5 mo 1 d
Missing Powers
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I've started a topic a while back to collect missing superpowers:
AkhilPDX 1 y 5 mo 2 d
Missing Powers
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Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is missing Soul Manipulation, Ressurection, Omnipresence, and Mind-Control.
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ElectroSpino 1 y 5 mo 2 d
Missing Powers
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I don't think Soul Manipulation is a power (which it should be), and IDK entirely what Resurrection means in this case, because the description says "back to life after death", but there are several characters which only have the ability to resurrect others that are there, so I suppose if we count those, than it's fine. I would probably say Nigh-Omnipresent instead of complete. Mind Control is fine though, it should be in his base powerset with Mind Stone.
SirSpidey 1 y 5 mo 2 d
Missing Powers
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I listed a lot of Thor's missing powers on his message page