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Lionman's aged, been around, had his battles, won most of them, but these days he seems like a tool for newer characters to get over or grow in popularity, making it increasingly harder for him to win those battles, still, however, he is packing in those wins.
That's why I want an open challenge for Lionman, THE OG-OC to battle any newer OC, that means any OC created from the past three months, whether you face base form Daniel, the Lionman and his Primal Forms, or the Pyro Lion, BRING. IT. ON!


Yo Keystone accepts
1+ years member.
Yooo MOP you're on
1+ years member.
Princess Aqua will gladly watch on the side lines.
1+ years member.
If you think Lionman can take on Queen Shikrah or Scorch, then let's do it.
2+ years member.
Lol, Lionman can't even scratch Queen Shikrah.
2+ years member.
Alright, I'll use Pyro Lion and we will only use what is on our profiles from this point onwards, no updates until the fight finishes.

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