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Let's play another game

Created by IMABATMAN42, 3 y 7 mo 14 d ago.

This is similar to @Amirvel's idea, but with a few changes. So first we'll all take turns picking our characters, until we have 6. You can have only one yellow, but it cannot be omnipotent. You have to chose one male and female character from DC and Marvel, and two characters from separate universes (example: one from Dragon Ball and one from Star Wars). Rules--There will be 2 rounds, one for intel gathering and weeding out the weaker characters. And another for actual battle.
-OC's are only allowed if you're willing to only use the feats in their power section, and you can only choose one.-Characters stay in character. -You can use characters without stats, however, you must tell us what you think their class would be, and you must provide evidence for why you think this Finally, if we end up with an uneven amount of players the last person to enter will not play in the beginning tournament, they will play against the winner of the entire game.