Let us add Characters

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Let us add characters to the database, and if three or more users add ustats to these characters, Galactus then should update them, that way even if the character is not updated we can still use him in battles.


mhenry01 1 y 8 mo 10 d
Let us add Characters
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I want to add Primus, Sentinel Prime, The Fallen (Actually Megatronus Prime), Bonecrusher, Devastator, Demolisher, Brawl, and Lockdown from Transformers, The versions of King Bowser Koopa (Rookie, Shiny RoboBowser, Meowser, Impostor Bowser, Dreamy Bowser, MegaDragonBowser, Black Bowser, Bowletta, King Boowser (is actually Bowser's dead body) and Giga Bowser), Prince Bowser Koopa Junior from Mario series Please add this characters
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Ezio 1 y 8 mo 10 d
Let us add Characters
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You added more than 200 character. Actually you added 50 character with different name, real name and publisher. I tried to search them and find correct name and publisher but after 50 60 character i got confuse, make some wrong addition and gave up.
Only thing i can do for you is remove all your character and you choose best collection of them, make your decision about publishers and add them again.