Jedi Order Vs. Avengers

Starter: SirSpidey

I want to see which team would win


God_of_Thunder 236 days ago
It is more dependent of witch Avengers team is doing the battle.
Exclueding Mighty Thor, Incredible Hulk, Hercules, Doctor Strange, Sentry, Wonder Man, She Hulk, Namor etc.
Mighty Thor may even blow up hole planets and everyone on it !
If the Avengers only got the Super Normals and low midd level Metahumans it will become a real battle !
Normaly a team of Avengers will be to powerful for Jedis
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virgoquarius 236 days ago
I don't think it matters. The avengers have heroes who are invulnerable and many more attributes than the Jedi . . . And I love the Jedi.
remy94 298 days ago
Don't now depending on how many Jedi nights there are in this battle.
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