Is readcomicsonline legal

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Crimsonassassin 3 mo 4 h 22 m
Is readcomicsonline legal
Yes it is I'm going there for quite sometime it's good just ignore the adds
Galactus 3 mo 19 h 9 m
Is readcomicsonline legal
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They just add a copyright statement at the bottom of their page, making it look like it's all ok.
"...use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law."

But the 'US Copyright Act 1976 (USC)' states:
"the fair use of a copyrighted work (...) for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright"

None of the above purposes apply to this website, as far as I can tell.
So, they're basicly saying; We're not responsible for what you do with all this content.
Just like the PirateBay. Which got shut-down multiple times.

I didn't study copyright law, so I could be completely wrong. But, if you can get stuff for free (online) that you normally have to pay for, it's probably illegal.
EmptyHand 3 mo 20 h 5 m
Is readcomicsonline legal
Since when was it not legal...
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Dark_Wing 3 mo 13 h 51 m
Is readcomicsonline legal
It dose display copyrighted material for free
wolfdragon123 3 mo 1 d
Is readcomicsonline legal
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Doesn't matter if it's legal or not. You're not going to get in any trouble for doing the same thing millions of other people do all the time
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DarkProdigy 3 mo 21 h 46 m
Is readcomicsonline legal
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TheNemianLion 3 mo 1 d
Is readcomicsonline legal
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No, it's the equivalent of illegally downloading movies
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Dark_Wing 3 mo 1 d
Is readcomicsonline legal
So I can't use it?
EmptyHand 3 mo 6 h 28 m
Is readcomicsonline legal
You can actually