Intelligence- Top 10 Smartest Marvel/DC Heroes

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Robots and Aliens count. Omniscient people don't count. Include only from Marvel or DC.


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Not in order 😁
Marvel- Mister Fantastic, Doctor Doom, Ultron, Thanos, Tony Stark, Dormammu and Black Panther
DC- Ozymandias, Batman, Lex Luthor, Cyborg, DeathStroke, PS
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Redone Marvel List
1. Valeria Richards
2. Thanos
3. Reed Richards / Doctor Doom
4. Tony Stark / Ultron
5. Dormammu / Umar
6. Hank Pym (ugh) / Nadia van Dyne
7. Black Panther / Shuri
8. Bruce Banner
9. Peter Parker
10. Janet van Dyne
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I actually didn't know Thanos is smarter than Ultron. I just guessed on my list. Except in Secret Wars, I believe it was stated that Ultron was smarter than Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, and Ant-Man.
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Why do you hate Hank Pym? You keep saying "ugh" right after his name in parenthesis.
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DC List
1. Brainiac
2. Lex Luthor
3. Ozymandias
4. Batman One-Million
5. Ray Palmer
6. Deathstroke
7. Batman
8. Ted Kord
9. Martian Manhunter
10. Cyborg
This one is likely very inaccurate.
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I hate Hank Pym because he's useless, and a major asshole. He also backhanded Janet van Dyne, my favorite Marvel character.
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1. Valeria Richards
2. Thanos
3. Brainiac
4. Reed Richards / Doctor Doom
5. Tony Stark / Ultron
6. Lex Luthor
7. Ozymandias
8. Batman One-Million
9. Dormammu / Umar
10. Hank Pym / Nadia van Dyne
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This list could be horribly wrong so forgive me 😁
1. Brainiac
2. Thanos (Could be switched with Ultron)
3. Ultron
4. Reed Richards
5. Dr. Doom
6. Ant-Man (Hank Pym)
7. Shuri
8. Lex Luthor
9. Tony Stark
10. Ray Palmer
11. Ozymandias
12. Hank Mcoy (The Beast)
13. Bruce Banner
14. Amadeus Cho
15. Professor Ivo
16. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
17. Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
18. Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara)
19. Black Panther (T'Challa)
20. Gorilla Grodd
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1. Valeria Richards
2. Reed Richards / Victor von Doom
3. Tony Stark
4. Lex Luthor
5. Adrian Veidt
6. Hank Pym (ugh)
7. Nadia van Dyne
8. Bruce Banner
9. Peter Parker
10. Bruce Wayne
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Where would Ultron be on that list?
Oh, right, I forgot about Valeria. She's most likely smarter than Reed.
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I knew I forgot people. Ultron would maybe be above Pym.
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You also forgot Brainiac, Thanos, Ozymandias, Shuri, and a bunch of other people.
😁 😁 😁
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Yeah, that's why I'm redoing the list. And I didn't forget Ozymandias.
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Sorry, I didn't know his real name till now.
I don't know how to sort them, but I can name a few
- Doctor Doom
- Mister Fantastic
- Ozymandias
- Lex Luthor
- Black Panther
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OK, is Ultron smarter than Reed Richards?
Don't know. Maybe.
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UGH! This question is bothering me. Because I know that Reed Richards, Ultron, and Thanos could all deserve the top spot for smartest (non-omniscient) Marvel character, but it keeps bugging me.
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Top 10 smartest Marvel / DC characters. Both villains and heroes included. Robots and Aliens can be on this list.

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