If your Oc was in a movie who would you cast to be them?

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The Actor/Actress can be anyone . Dead or Alive . It can even be a pop star for all I care


Forceful Blue- Me, I would basically play myself.
2+ years member.
Cosmosus - Matt Damon

Eviscerator - Scott Lang

Bengal Tiger - Jin Akanishi
2+ years member.
Torger: Mel Gibson
1+ years member.
Princess Aqua- Ashleigh Murray (Jossie Riverdale)
Father- Terry Crews
1+ years member.
Nevermind I choose Sasha Banks
1+ years member.
Oh finally an interesting form... Umm I think I'd like Chole Grace Moretz for June, Natalie Alyn Lind for Emerald, Christopher Lee for the beast, Robert Downey jr for Hades Daniel Radcliff for the high king and Gabriel macht for the 271 universe sorcerer supreme
1+ years member.
I'd also like Patrick J. Adams and Donald glover in some roles but I haven't decided which yet
2+ years member.
Posideon - Russel Crowe
Zeus - Dwayne Johnson
Hades - Jason Staham
Hercules - Liam Hemsworth
2+ years member.
Athena - Candince Pattin
Hermes - Logan Lerman
2+ years member.
Hera - Angelina Jolie
2+ years member.
My Apollo - Armie Hammer
My Artemis - Alicia Vikander
2+ years member.
Omega Reality Ares - Gerald Butler (Before Tracer takes him)
2+ years member.
Morganeth - Johnny Depp + CGI
2+ years member.
Spellistia - Amber Heard
2+ years member.
Rapid - Chloe Bennet
2+ years member.
Petrinos - Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns)
1+ years member.
Heartstone - Gemma Atkinson
Photon - Sam Witwer
Lord Devastator - Josh Brolin
Thunderstruck - Abbie Cornish
Michael - Chris Hemsworth
1+ years member.
Aphrodite - Kate Upton
Sapphire - Yvonne Strahovski
1+ years member.
Orion - Chris Evans
Drasna - Famke Janssen
2+ years member.
Josh Duhamel
2+ years member.
1. Channing Tatum
2. Chris Pratt?
Father Spirit - Chad Krueger
Lion Man - Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner 😂
2+ years member.
Go f*** yourself. 😀
Elunia - Sandra Bullock
Marquess - Cate Blanchett
Cataclysm - Shawn Pyfrom
The Menace - Mila Kunis
Phantom Wraith - Oliver Jackson-Cohen
3+ years member.
I feel left out, the only non ^
Why don't you create Ocs again bro?
3+ years member.
I created another one yesterday called Shockwave.
Since I can only have 5 I'm trying to choose the most important characters in my Universe to fill up those spots.
Oh ok . Hope you make up your mind soon
Chris Evans - Man of Power
Jason Statham - Sergeant Solo
Vin Diesel - Star Storms
Jamie Foxx - Star Storms II
2+ years member.
1. Me
2. Cody Rhodes
3. Stephen Amell.
Why Cody Rhodes 😂
2+ years member.
He looks like an older well built me.
He is one of my least favorite wrestlers . And when he turned to Star Dust it was horrible
2+ years member.
Have you seen him in Ring Of Honour, totally reinvented himself, phenomenal charisma, technique, character, physique, etc.
Nope only watch wwe and sometimes tna
1+ years member.
@ManofPower you should watch real fighting UFC is where it is at
Mma , UFC and Boxing never really interested me. I love playing their games but not watching it . Heck I don't even watch football or baseball only basket ball and Wrestling

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