If you could play any role in the MCU or DCEU, which role would it be?

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I would be RED HULK >
I would be either black panther or war machine
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I could pull off Spider-Man
Darkhawk (he'll never be included unfortunately), Moon Knight or Darkseid
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I keep my acting to myself.
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Voice Acting wise there are quite a few.
Marvel- Spider-Man, I have the voice, personality, and wisecracks. Wolverine- When I want I can speak with a lot off intensity and I have be practicing the word "bub" forever. Loki- The sarcasm and egotistical voice. Iceman- I really like him, and can have that chill attitude. and a few others I can't think of right now.
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Other Marvel characters I just thought of-
Sabretooth, I can get that low savage voice with the hint of psycho in it, Heimdal- because why not, and I can get that wise older fellow voice. Shocker, I would put a slight twist on his voice to get the Italian/ New Yorker vibe I always pictured him having.
These are just voice acting, for like an animated movie or something, because I look nothing like any superhero I can think of.
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The final Marvel characters are Carnage, I can make the insane, psychopathic voice, and Colossus, I can go full Russian or just Austrian like a perfect Arnold Schwarzenegger.
As for DC-
Just Larfleeze and Bane, maybe Booster Gold.
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MCU Acting - Nova, have the right facial completion, strong jaw, dark brown hair, look like I've seen some shit, I have the presence, give me a couple years of training and that would be an exact fit for the role, if that doesn't work out, I could play a younger Colossus, I could play Hawkeye with some peroxide hair bleach, If I was 10 years older and had 10 years worth of training I could play Captain Britain or Guardian, I could also play Toxin, but my #1 choice is Richard Rider, Nova.
DCEU - Hawkman, Red Hood, Ted Kord, Guy Gardner, Superboy, Catman, Atrocitus (CGI) Bane (CGI) Superboy Prime, Killer Croc (CGI)
Acting for dceu - Aqualad - Jackson Hyde
Acting for Marvel - Luke Cage
Voicing for Marvel- Wolverine,Deadpool,Hulk
Voicing for Dc - Batman,Darkseid,Deathstroke
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My age and looks would make me male at his late teens so out of this options Chase Stein is definitely my first pick but he's already taken so either young cyclops, angel, iceman or wiccan. If I'm not limited to that then sentry... But I'd like anything if it's MCU tbh (except for captain america, I hate him)
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Uh, I don't like Captain America either.
I'd love to play Spidey, but I'm too tall for the role. I love Carnage so probably him or Deathstroke.
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I would play someone between Stark/Wayne and Parker/Octopus.
who is octopus
please say you are not trollig
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Can you please stop to replying to me ?
Thank you.
but who is octopus
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Green Arrow? And how about Curt Connors?
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Well if you except the money Im a technical engineering, ideas guy. Knowledges for a lot of things but expert in nothing excepting applying and testing things.
I dont see me with superpowers anyway...
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You could be the "guy in the chair" lol
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Nope because I also craft. That is my job since 20 years now. I dont have engineer diploma but thats basically my work 😉
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Lucius Fox? I'm stomped 😅
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Well... Lucius is also a money/markets guy... I hate that 😬
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Matter Eater Lad 😆 But no, uh, I can't think of anyone else, @Heep you are truly unique.
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I like cooking and majority of food in the world, so good new choice 😁😁
Yes im unique by a lot of things but we are all similar by even a lot more things.
Just share with people, help and love. Its the future of the World.
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MCU (Acting) - Kaine Parker, Carnage, Blade
MCU (Voicing) - Tyrant, Galactus, Beyonder
DCEU (Acting) - Aqualad, Static, Batwing
DCEU (Voicing) - Darkseid, Destiny of the Endless, Dream of the Endless
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I could also voice Mikaboshi or Oblivion.
I would love to voice Mikaboshi or Obliivion too
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I could also voice Dormammu.
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I could play Batman, if they made him young like in Gotham, and they made him mixed.
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DCEU- a young Dick Grayson or Damian Wayne (I look a lot like them, I have longer hair though, and the age kinda fits, I'm 13, Though I kinda dislike Damian as a character, so I would rather play a young Dick Grayson)
Marvel- I would REALLY enjoy playing Juggernaut
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MCU-Beyonder 😁
DCEU- Lucifer Morningstar
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Duuuuude, you could be the big badde for the end of the MCU! Got any acting chops?
You would love to play overpowered characters, just like me 😜
In MCU - Wiccan or Franklin Richards
In DCEU - Phantom Stranger or Michael Demiurgos

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