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Or, have a secret cameo talking about how Batman died at the end of Arkham Knight, start some sort of a shared universe
Oh my God
I was thinking of that too
With the release of the new spiderman game they should create a Marvel Video Game Universe or a DCEU for Video Games
I thought I was the only one
The more powerful the hero, the shittier the game
A Green Lantern/Wonder Woman cameo. Not Batman as he is too big of a character and would steal the show
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I was thinking of having to call Batman, only to find out that doomsday is in Gotham.
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This will be your only thing in Gotham though and once you leave you can't come back.
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Well first you have to find way to superman not to overpowered and a good story and you would have to use some good villains the story is as only as good the writers make it . Injustice and injustice 2 are the perfect examples to use look how they made superman not weak or to strong.
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I know a way around this problem. Just give supes a huge ******* health bar so it seems like he takes little damage from bullets, but when you come across a boss battle the boss will do ****-tons more damage than a little street thug.

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