Greek Or Norse

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Which one do you guys like better? Greek mythology or Norse mythology.


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Greek Mythology is too mainstream. Norse Mythology is much better in my opinion. Stan Lee did the right thing in introducing the Norse Mythology to the comic book world
Greek>>Egyptian>>Norse>>Roman>>Everything else
Greek > Egyptian >>> Japanese > Roman > Norse > else
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I like Norse because it has Thor.
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Greek >>>>> Roman > Native American > Norse > Egyptian >>> Asian >>>> African >> South American >>>>>> rest of Europe > everything else
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Greek, with Norse as a close second. Greek and Norse are the only pantheons that I really know (thanks to Marvel and DC, lol) and I only have a limited understanding of the Egyptian and Roman pantheons. Everything else, I know nothing about.
Greek all the way
Greek > Roman > Chinese/Japanese >>>>>>Norse
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Greek > Norse > > > > > Roman > > > Chinese/Japanese
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Greek, but it's close.
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