God of war questionnaire

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1: norse gods are greek gods
2: strongest god
3: odin or zeus in terms of power
4: best god of war game
5: worst god of war game
6: the first god of war game u have ever played
7: best bossfight in all of gow
8: best miniboss in all of gow
9: hardest boss fight in all of gow
10: easiest boss fight in all of gow
11: weakest god in god of war
12: old kratos or young kratos
13: norse mythology or greek mythology
14: favourite weapon in god of war
15: if u could be a character from god of war who would it be


ultron 5 mo 20 d
God of war questionnaire
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MoNsTeR 5 mo 22 d
God of war questionnaire
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1. probably greek gods
2. Kratos
3. tough one i think odin
4. ragnarok
5. my opinion every god of war game is great
6. god of war 4 i never played previous games but i know whole backstory
7. god of war 4 baldur first boss fight was awesome
8. travelers
9. sigrun give me god of war difficulty i almost rage quit :D

11. probably aphrodite
12. old kratos
13. i played norse mythology
all of them
15. Thor
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God of war questionnaire
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🧍‍♂️bro got bamboozled by some humans 🧍‍♂️