Favourite Superhero costumes.

Created by TheImaginator, 8 mo 24 d ago.

What are your favourite costumes out of these superheroes?

1) The Flash
2) Superman
3) Batman
4) Green Lantern
5) Robin
6) Thor
7) Iron Man
8) Captain America
9) Hawkeye
10) Black Bolt


BlotskyA 7 mo 4 d
Favourite Superhero costumes.
21 months member
If TV Shows count then
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Poe 7 mo 4 d
Favourite Superhero costumes.
23 months member
Movie Venom if that counts
aajayunlimited 8 mo 19 d
Favourite Superhero costumes.
46 months member
Carnage(Ax eyes, shiny red, and line designs all over. I put him, because the symbiote creates any look for itself that it wants.)

Black Spider-man(not the Venom version, as he's more monstrous than the Peter version and it takes away from Peter's smooth look)

Iron Spider*

Iron Man(Red and Gold)

War Machine(Black and Silver)

The 1st Amazing Man

Spider-man(the later ones were better than the first ones, because the costume used to look old fashioned and the spider looked more beetle than spider).

*For suits of armor, a paint job can be their uniform.
Michealdem17 8 mo 24 d
Favourite Superhero costumes.
13 months member
1. Black Bolt
2. Batman
3. Superman (New 52 and post-crisis)