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Well @SirSpidey, you may not want to hear from me but i need to say it. While we had our dispute, and i understand your position on debating. I wanted you to know that while i didn't care much for your treatment of those you disagree with. I do wish to tell you i respect you for your beliefs, even when just about everyone else on this site told you were wrong you held your opinion. An admirable quality. And you actually did teach me a lot about Thor, and i respect the character much more then when i first came here. I hope you the best on Comic Vine, and hopefully you can find others who hold the same views as you.
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Farewell @SirSpidey ComicVine is a great site I know you will enjoy it and probably learn some things.
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Have fun over on comic vine. Thanks for the Thor knowledge. Keep debating, and watch the name calling, you don't need to do it. Maybe I'll see ya over there some day!
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😟 Goodbye little Thor
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Lol, I like that
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What about me 😟? 😜
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Yes @Amirvel. You are someone I would like to debate in the future. Much respect to you. I forgot to add you since you are newer to this site
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It's been a pleasure debating with you over the past year. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, but I wish you luck for whatever you do in the future. 😉
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I'm sorry to say this, but you will not be seeing me on this site. I have now come to the conclusion that I am moving over to ComicVine. This website is great and all, but it isn't a great site to do debating. Ya, it is really fun debating on this website, but there are too many incredible fanboys on this site that I often waste my time on. On ComicVine, they require for you to provide evidence for your arguments, something that is right up my alley. On this site, people just give their opinion and give no evidence for that opinion and expect for you to respect their opinion even after they call your argument irrelevant and that you are a fanboy, which I passionately rebuke. This site just isn't a site to expound upon my knowledge of comic book characters. Much appreciation to @Galactus, @remy94, @Spectre94, @TheOverlord, @JuggarNot, @wolfdragon123, @LordTracer, and @God_of_Thunder. I'm sure I'm missing a few, but y'all are the ones that made this site enjoyable and the ones I would gladly debate in the future. So, farewell and I hope I see you on ComicVine.
*Note - New user name on ComicVine is SirSpidey01. Come and debate me there
Good bye buddy I tried to my best to respect you.

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