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Their should be also be a portion to add new superheroes created by fans. Our own superheroes. Seriously.

Created by vyomic


Galactus 1 y 9 mo 14 d
Fanmade Superheroes
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I'll move it up on my to-do list.
The_Archress_2018 1 y 9 mo 15 d
Fanmade Superheroes
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The Archress: As the name suggests, she is extremely well skilled in archery, but it doesn't stop there! She has electrokinesis (even her arrows can send enough voltage to paralyze somebody), super strength (99 tons), flight (Mach 3), super intelligence (IQ 185), and hawk-like vision (As in when she's like 1000 feet up in the air, she can still see the ground clearly). She chose to call herself The Archress because she loves the idea of villains underestimating her when they hear her name, and then seeing her in person and realizing she's a force to be reckoned with!
Master_Of_Disaster 1 y 9 mo 24 d
Fanmade Superheroes
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Lucas Iosua/Mainland
History: Lucas was raised in rural Lanai City, Hawaii with his single father. He never had much growing up, so he mostly relied on the ocean for entertainment. He learned to surf when he was 5. He started fishing by age 8. Then his mutant powers erupted and everything changed. He felt drawn to the coast. As he walked closer to the coast, he grew stronger, faster, smarter and all around more capable. When his feet touched the beaches, he felt like he could tear a tank in half. He jumped ten feet in the air, and landed with enough force to shake the entire island of Lanai. He used this newfound power to become a superhero in nearby Honolulu, stopping crimes one at a time. He became the face of the city. He became Mainland.
Coastal Affinity - Lucas grows more powerful the closer to a coast he is. At the Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility, as far away from any coast as possible, he is an average human. When he is on the coastline, he is roughly at thirty times the peak human levels of physicality, and his state of mind is optimized for detective work, combat and survival.
Oceanic Empathy - Lucas can "talk to" oceans and get a sense of what's going on in and on the water. He can detect watercrafts, marine life and pollution. He also feels what the oceans feel, so if the oceans become polluted beyond recognition, Lucas may become physically ill or weaker. Inversely, if the oceans are thriving, so is Lucas.
Extreme Pollution - Lucas is slowly dying because of his link to the ocean. With excess pollution killing marine life, it affects Lucas' health. If pollution ever reaches a state so drastic that all marine life dies, Lucas dies.
Poles of Inaccessibility - If Lucas is transported to a Pole of Inaccessibility, his powers are gone until he can find a way to a coast.
Only Effective when Near Oceans - Lakes and ponds don't cut it. Lucas has to be near an ocean or he doesn't get any stronger.
GaryThePickle 1 y 9 mo 25 d
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While I have no doubt that some people would take it seriously and add balanced/nuanced characters. You have to admit that it would welcome droves of Mary Sues and Gary Stus.
Montel 1 y 11 mo 4 d
Fanmade Superheroes
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I have 6 pages of custom super heroes with their own group called The Saviours, simply it's just a bunch of ultra powerful teenagers.