Ever Done An Ultimate Respect Thread On A Character?

Starter: SirSpidey

Alright, so as of right now, I am compiling an Ultimate Respect Thread for every feat Thor has ever accomplished starting from Thor's first appearance to his very latest appearance. So what I am wondering is if any of ya'll have done a similar type of Respect Thread and I want to know how long it took. Also comment if this is a good idea or if you think this is a bad idea ad explain why. I will provide a link to my Google Document that I am using to compile this Ultimate Respect Thread. I highly encourage ya'll to suggest better ways that I could organize the feats because I am not entirely sure I like the way it is right now. Thanks and I look forward to ya'll's response

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18ECiVesavVkCj3uz-1z-DxMFswTMvM2tBvVOAvMFsIs/edit


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I'm a little confused here.
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What exactly are you confused about?
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Any thoughts?