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I have had a lot of people ask me if they can edit this character and that character on my profile comments page, but this is the official forum where you can ask if you can edit a character. Below is a document where I can keep track of who is editing who and it also has some rules/guidelines on editing.
Thank you and happy editing.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i5IoIQVw4gaE6PLzxRmfkhsoRhhG7Yoa5UvVzO_mHrg/edit?usp=sharing


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Can I edit Jason Grace. I think he doesn't have all his powers and his stats are not accurate.
May i re edit some live action characters? Maybe only 1 per week and i will only ask for live action characters only, not the original. If you let me, i would like to re edit Quake (MCU). Thank you
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Because then I have to change it for everybody
Okay. But the stats on some characters, especially Agents of SHIELD characters are very wrong to be honest. You could see some like Quake (MCU), Agent May, Grant Ward have major mistakes on the combat as if the editor haven't watched the show. It would be the same like I edit Batman and I put his intelligent to 40 and combat 50, for example.
I understand that it would seems unfair if I re edit other editor's work, but this isn't minor mistake and it is kind of unfair too if the editor put on the stats whatever they want without any knowledge on the character.
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Maybe i have a idea users who are no editors can edit 3 charachters in a week
users who are editors can only RE edit 1 charachter in a week
Red Hood (New 52) & Deadshot (New 52)
Are complete, maybe you can let me know,
If so may I edit Soundwave, Shockwave, and Starscream, they will be my characters for this week. Red Hood (New 52), and
Deadshot (New 52) we're just characters I had to finish, Deadshot was submitted to soon,
And Red Hood has some miss spelling and word errors. But they do not count as characters I updated this week, Just redoes.
*had not has. Sorry about that. 😁
Hei, @Darkprodigy, may I try Supergirl (Injustice)?
@DarkProdigy I have finished supergirl, is it good? Does it need any corrections before i submit it?
Can I edit Jesse Quick (CW) next?
1+ years member.
Yeah, this is your last character until the 1st of April
@DarkProdigy could i potentially become an editor in the near future? Maybe after i have finished Jesse?
Wow thank you
Yesterday there was some user going around editing characters he didn't even know about and assuming there stats, they were very inaccurate stats, he might have to be checked on, because the characters that he was editing I know the most about on the website.
letting you know. He would give a characters durability, and power, 100% which should of been 55%. and a 50% and he added powers that a normal human would never have. The character is Batman (Arkham) he is a little weaker in some areas then cannon Batman.
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That was me but when im on my phone i have big fingers and then i accidently do wrong stats . So this Will not happen again i Will check my characters and hold thema a bit Longer my menu can you reasign him again to me
1+ years member.
I did power 50 but because he has much Powers it became 100
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What are you talking about Batman Arkham his Powers are right and i know about him i played 2 Arkham games
I've played all 4, And beat them all 5 times each. I believe I know a bit more about the Arkham Verse than you. I even got every one of the downloadable story lines and I beat every one of them. Some more than others.
@Galactus @Darkprod
Red Hood (New 52), & Deadshot (New 52),
Are 100% complete.

P.S maybe you can think about me being an editor, I'd to my best and I wouldn't edit characters I don't know. There is someone going around today, adding inaccurate stats,
very inaccurate. I don't know who it is, maybe you can think about testing me out as being an editor. And if I do good promote me as editor. @Galactus told me to be patient and I've been very patient not asking at all. And the users I ask for editor with the 2 became editors but I didn't, and 1 isn't even active the other is well you'll see when u look at some recently updated characters. Smh
And I am 10 times better at editing then them, I don't get it.??? I'm not being mean, or
over-bearing, I'm just pointing out some problems that I have noticed.
Well I just wanted to ask, maybe I can get a reply, thanks.
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For Deadshot New 52 you just copied and pasted his History from the DC Database
Change that up
You got it. 👍
1+ years member.
Can I be edit Percy Jackson and some other Heroes of Olympus characters.
1+ years member.
You can edit Percy Jackson he will be your test character
1+ years member.
How do I get to editing.
Go to your profile and click the pencil icon on the top of the page
1+ years member.
Then do I just go to create new character
Isn't there an option to edit the character next to create OC?
1+ years member.
Why can't I edit Percy Jackson.
1+ years member.
Can you let me edit Percy Jackson.
1+ years member.
I'm just wondering why I can't edit Percy Jackson yet?
10+ years member.
I assigned him to you.
1+ years member.
Can I edit Annabeth Chase?
1+ years member.
Can I edit Annabeth Chase
1+ years member.
Can I edit Nico di Angelo?
1+ years member.
Can I re edit Jason Grace or Annabeth Chase?
my editing skills have increased.
Can you please check out Deadshot (New 52)
Tell me what you think.
P.S @Darkprodigy sorry I havent got to
Red Hood (New 52), he should be finished today.👍
Can a mod rank my editing skills on
Deadshot (New 52), please. Rank it 1 to 10
Does the database take recruitment each year as the database grows. If not I believe you should. Like each year make 1 mod and 3 editors as the database grows like every
January 1 take recruitment because we gross like 20 soul users a year right, or more, it would look pretty organized and professional. You guys have already made 1 editor this year @Jongensoden is that user. You would need 2 more editors and 1 mod.
Thank about it. It would be a great arrangement.
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Just to let you now i can make People editor
10+ years member.
That was a bug, and should be fixed now.
1+ years member.
Oh ok thx
1+ years member.
Just to let you know i accidently made empty hand editor i was just looking if i could make People editor but i did not know that i was not able to undo it
10+ years member.
Thanks for letting me know.
Oh so i got editor by accident wow lol
1+ years member.
Do you mind if I edit Hellboy?
1+ years member.
Sorry he's already been edited
Can I edit Bullseye (MCU)?
1+ years member.
Can you link me a character you've edited before
I have never edited a character before, i want to do this character for a test if you let me
Never mind, someone has edited him. How about Jigsaw (MCU)?
1+ years member.
Ok Jigsaw is your test character
@DarkProdigy Can I edit him now?
How? I open the page and I still can't edit it. Sorry I'm new to this
Never mind, I have figured it out. Thanks man
1+ years member.
You did a pretty good job, I'll let you edit more characters
You have 2 more slots this week
@DarkProdigy Thanks for the chance. I have finished editing Jigsaw. Can I edit Supergirl (Injustice) next?
1+ years member.
Can we request for characters that already have stats?
1+ years member.
Not atm
Can I edit number five please
1+ years member.
(This will sort of be a test character for you to edit which will help me judge if you should be able to edit in the future)
Thx man I really appreciate it.
Have you given me the ability to edit them
1+ years member.
Cool, you did a pretty good job, I'll let you edit more characters from now on
You have 2 more this week

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