Earth 616/Asgard Thor (SirSpidey) vs Earth 616 Hulk (TheNemianLion)

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People need to learn to read, only Spidey and I are allowed to comment on this forum.
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But I'm still allowed to do it right since I am the judge of this battle, anyway the current standing is-
@TheNemianLion: 8 points
@SirSpidey: 5 points
To explain why the scores are so low, I count every comment from Neiman as one statement because they are all related to each other and only separated because of a word limit on the site, same for Spidey, it does not count as a separate statement until the other debater responds, so that's why despite all the comments the scores are that low.
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You're allowed to comment, but I don't think it's that close, Spidey really hasn't brought anything of value up so far, he's just given me bad attempts to counteract my arguments, and fail to do so.
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@TheNemianLion: In which comics has the Hulk defeated beings as powerful as Death, Glory, Galactus, the Void, the Destroyer, Surtur, an Odinforce empowered Majeston Zelia, etc.?
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In which comics has Thor defeated Death?

Who has Hulk Defeated on Thor's enemies level -

Hulk has destroyed conceptual beings such as Nightmare, in fact, he bodied him, destroying Nightmare's realm and the Dark Dimension in the process, that was just from Hulk beating him up, not on purposely destroying either of those realms -

mildly annoyed Hulk was able to render an Eternity empowered Dormammu unconscious with a single attack, of course, Hulk at the low anger level he was in would have never had that opportunity if Dormmamu was not distracted, but he did it with a clap, and he still knocked out someone who was above Eternity, WITH JUST A CLAP, had Hulk been at a higher anger level, that feat would have been done more easily and at a surer level.

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During World War Hulk Volume 2 Hulk one shots Ares, an Olympian God -

World War Hulk Volume 4, Hulk stomps a vastly empowered Doctor Strange.

During World War Hulk Volume 2 Hulk one shots Ares, an Olympian God -

defeated the Physical Form Of Onslaught, this is something that Thor could not even come close to doing, for reference, Onslaught has the ability to one shot and renders Juggernaut unconscious, a Multi-Universal being. This was during Onslaught Impact Volume 2

During Avengers Vs X-Men #11, Hulk one shots a Phoenix Force Emma Frost, while she did have half the Phoenix Force, he still demolished her and she stayed down for 10 - 15 minutes, while Emma Frost, with a lower percentage of the Phoenix Force BODIED THOR, and it wasn't even a fight for the second half of the fight, she literally had her way with him and turned him into a literal puddle of blood, Hulk just one shotted her at a stronger point in time.

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Why Savage Hulk Is Multiversal -

Hulk has punched through time storms, 4 Dimensional constructs which are considered to be Low Multiversal, this was during Incredible Hulk #135, he just destroyed them with mere force

And he was able to one-up that during the Indestructible Hulk #15 when he LITERALLY PUNCHED THROUGH TIME ITSELF,
something, I know, Thor has not done, During the Incredible Hulk #304 Hulk was able to, He shattered through it's boundaries.

During The Incredible Hu
lk #304 Hulk's clash with an amped up, Ironclad which created a Multiverse wide Catalypiclismic event with just a single blow, that's something comparable to a Weaker Odin and Seth's ENTIRE FIGHT! While The Hulk and a severely amped Ironclad did it with a mere STRIKE, the damage is described as UNIMAGINABLE, so it must have been severe, as it was felt in an infinite number of dimensions, which are stated to have universes and their own timelines inside of them, therefore this is a HIGH MULTIVERSAL feat, moving on.
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Hulk has been shown to be able to rip apart an entire cosmos with a single strike, so if you want to attribute Hulk's prior feat with Iron Clad to the U-Foes, even though he was doing half of it, this feat disproves that as Hulk destroyed an entire cosmos, ON ACCIDENT! This was during Incredible Hulk Vol 1 126

Marvel: The End #4, the Celestial Order powered by the Heart of the Universe, he trades blows with them, while they one-shotted Namor and Dr Strange, Doctor Strange is at bare Minimum High Multi-Universal, although probably a Low Multiversal being, he was defeated in ONE ATTACK by the Celestial Order, and Hulk was trading blows with these guys!
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#1) Thor defeated a Thanos clone who turned into the physical embodiment of Death in 'Thor Volume 2 #25' even after being helplessly beaten by Mangog and after using the Anti-Force blast on Mangog.

#2) Nightmare looked completely fine after the Hulk's attack. The scan is out of context, so if you could give me the comic, that would be great.

#3) Umm, that is the exact same scan from #1. I'm not accepting that as evidence.
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#4) If we are using World War Hulk, I guess we are using Warriors Madness Thor? And Ares is not comparable to Thor. I don't know why you are mentioning him. Also, that is one of the most out of context scans.

#5) Again, World War Hulk... and where is your evidence?

#6) Why are you mentioning the exact same feat as #4?
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#7) Well Thor has defeated Juggernaut before. That isn't impressive. And naming the name of an entire comic book series is not evidence. You need to be more specific than that.

#8) Lol, if you call that a one shot, I guess anytime Thor has hit the Hulk he would have one shotted him. Emma Frost was perfectly fine after the Hulk attacked her. That is not a one shot. And Emma Frost defeating Thor is PIS considering she wasn't even Planetary in power. I say this because whenever Cyclops became Dark Phoenix, he was only destroying the Earth from his onslaught and Emma Frost is below Dark Phoenix Cyclops.

#9) This isn't even a quantifiable feat. In which comic does it say Time Storms are "4 Dimensional", whatever that means? And there is no such thing as "Low Multiversal." Either you destroyed a Multiverse or you didn't. There is no in between.
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#10) Yeah, nice try. Time was already broken before the Hulk shattered the Time Barrier, as stated on page 12 of 'Indestructible Hulk #15'.

#11) Lol, I looked up "catalypiclismic" and this forum was the only thing that popped up. I've never seen that before. Thought it was pretty cool. Anyways, There can be an infinite amount of Dimensions in a Universe, why do you automatically assume it is a Multiversal level feat? In which comic was it stated that those Dimensions were Universes? And again, there is no such thing as "High Multiversal." Either you destroyed a Multiverse or you didn't. And the Hulk couldn't have accomplished this feat without the help of Ironclad.

#12) Yeah, too bad the Hulk's power was amped by Satannish and his speed was amped by Dormammu, as seen on page 5.

#13) Umm, Doctor Strange and Namor aren't particularly known for their physical durability, so the Hulk surviving the Celestial Order's attacks and not Doctor Strange and Namor is not that impressive at all. And the Hulk was incapable of defeating them. I want to know the Universal level beings the Hulk has defeated.
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1. Was this Thanos stated to be as powerful as Death the abstract? Being an embodiment of something doesn't make you as powerful as that something, Jesus is the physical embodiment of God, he's not as powerful as God is, however.

2. He looked completely fine, did he? Is that why he was getting thrown around like a ragdoll? And why he was begging Hulk to stop? Fact remains he was destroying the nightmare realm and dark dimension, as was specified in the scan, what, is the narrator going to flat out lie about that?

3. What do you mean? I sent you a scan of Hulk rendering Dormammu unconscious, that was while Dormammu was harnessing the power of Eternity, google Hulk knocks Dormammu out with a clap, Hulk needed the distraction, sure, but that's because of Dormammu's hacks, Hulk still used physical force to overpower Dormammu's physical durability, which points to the fact that Hulk can defeat higher tiered cosmic entities.
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4. World War Hulk is still base Hulk, just with some extra armour and a sword, he is just a very angry level of Hulk, however, if we used World BREAKER Hulk, then we could use Warriors madness Thor, but even if we did, a BASE HULK already stalemated a Warriors madness Thor, so that would be overkill to include World Breaker Hulk.

5. The whole 5 part Graphic Novel is my evidence, actually, pick it up and read it instead of asking unintelligent questions, can you do that for me?

6. Because of the links I sent messed up my comment, it's not my fault.
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7. Defeating Juggernaut is nowhere near as impressive as defeating a being who beat Juggernaut with ONE STRIKE! And left him immobilised for that long where he couldn't even move, with just one strike, Thor has never shown that level of power and never will, guess who defeated Onslaught? That's right! The HULK!

8. Yes, I call immobilising Emma Frost for a good ten minutes a one-shot, Emma Frost handed Thor his ass, that's not PIS, it's not PIS whenever your poster boy gets his ass kicked, and the point being is Hulk took her out of the fight for a long time and hurt her for so long she got up dazed, with only one strike, whereas Thor couldn't do ANYTHING to her, Cyclops was only destroying the Earth due to plot armour, have you heard of it? Also, he wasn't aiming his attacks at the Earth, he was aiming at the heroes, also, if you want to use that, why in every fight Thor has on Earth he doesn't destroy the planet? Flawed logic mate.

9. Time is a 4-dimensional construct, so if you are destroying it, guess what? YOU ARE 4-DIMENSIONAL! Logic make, try to use it, Multiverses vary in size, I would have fought you'd realise that, in DC's case it's 52 universes since the New 52 reboot, in Marvel's case it's infinite universes, so there is a low - high Multiverse spectrum by LOGIC, something you're not using!
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10. Your comprehension skills are failing you, by time being broken he meant time was messed up and thus, broken, as it was in chaos, because of the Uber Hulk, not that it's constructs were broken, try harder, LATER, Hulk punches through the time barrier, why would they emphasise this if it was already 'Broken' no you're just interpreting it wrong, the TIMELINE was broken, but the construct was still intact, just chaotic, Hulk punched through it.

11. I misspelt Cataymaclismic, anyway, Hulk caused Cataymaclismic upheavals and UNIMAGINABLE destruction, meaning he was tearing them apart if there is an infinite number of dimensions within a universe, that is still Multiverse tier, because Dimensions are universe sized constructs, also a Multiverse isn't a one size fits all thing, that's completely and utterly stupid Spidey, come on man, I already disproved that outlandish claim earlier, different Multiverses hold different numbers of universes.

12. Too bad you don't know how to read, you're blind, or you're just stupid, BRUCE BANNER'S power and speed was amped, Hulk had nothing to do with that, as you can see it was only until he entered that dimension, after that, no signs of his power prevailed, also, on another occasion he had another fight with Darkcrawler which he maimed him even easier, are you going to say that Hulk was amped by Satannish then too? Lol, no bro, Hulk dropped Darkcrawler twice.

13. Don't discount Namor, he isn't a pushover, he once gave Thor a run for his money during the 90's and Doctor Strange has all types of hacks, still, both stood no chance against the Celestial, while Hulk put up a fight, the Heart Of The Universe is even more powerful than The Living Tribunal, and Hulk was trading blows with them... This is far above Multiversal levels of power, in fact, Hulk was beating the tar out of them if you read the comic.
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Only Sir Spidey and I are allowed to comment on this forum.

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