do you believe in god or allah

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i believe in allah


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it doesn't really matter.
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Yes yours. And some reactions to it. I don't want this topic to escalate.
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I'm a believer in god but Allah is god just in the Islam religion there both the same person just with different teaching
I'm a Muslim
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I'm a firm Catholic and nobody can change my faith. I'm not the kind you'd wanna mess with, though.
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I believe in Empty Hand as my lord and saviour.
Jesus Christ as my lord and savor
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I am a Christian so it's Jesus
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Yes, I most definitely believe in God, and only one God I should add. I have seen and heard to much in my lifetime not to believe that there is a Supreme Intelligence who created and sustains this Universe.
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I believe in Jesus. ✝
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the god from muslims
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Who is allah?