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whats the classes ranked from lowest to highest, im talking like city level , to solar system level , that sort of thing, also what feats does one have to have before being in that tier


0 - absolute infinity (true omnipotence, such as TOOA and the Presence)
1 - Outerversal (has no dimensional limitations, but isn't fully omnipotent, such as Lucifer Morningstar and some of the Endless)
2 - Hyperversal (infinite dimensional beings, such as Living Tribunal and God Emperor Doom)
3 - Complex Multiversal (higher dimensional beings; 6D and above, such as The Infinites)
4 - High Multiversal+ (5D beings, such as Mr. Mxy, Chthon etc)
5 - Multiversal+ (Infinite 4D beings, such as Spectre, Scarlet Witch etc)
6 - Multiversal (1000x universal to finite 4D beings, such as Trigon, Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange etc)
7 - Low Multiversal (2x universal to 1000x universal, such as Franklin Richards)
8 - Universal+ (Characters capable of destroying a timeline, such as Captain Atom)
9 - Universal (Characters capable of destroying a universe, such as Thor)
10 - Multi-Galaxy Level (Characters capable of destroying multiple galaxies)
11 - Galaxy Level (Characters capable of destroying one galaxy)
12 - Multi-Solar System Level (Characters capable of destroying multiple solar systems)
13 - Solar System Level (Characters capable of destroying a solar system)
14 - Planet Level (Characters capable of destroying a planet)
15 - Continent Level
16 - Country Level
17 - City Level
18 - Street Level
so what if a character in a lower level tier such as planetary beats someone in in a higher tier such as solar system, would that make the first character solar system now, also you say to be shown capable , wouldnt they actually have to of done said destroying of city, continent, galaxy etc because really how do you show to be capable of destroying without actually doing it
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Based upon the comics:
#1) Multiversal (You have to be shown capable of destroying a Multiverse)
#2) Universal (You have to be shown capable of destroying a Universe)
#3) Galactic (You have to be shown capable of destroying a Galaxy)
#4) Solar Systemic (You have to be shown capable of destroying a Solar System)
#5) Planetary (You have to be shown capable of destroying a Planet)
#6) Continental (You have to be shown capable of destroying a Continent)
#7) City Level (You have to be shown capable of destroying a City)
#8) Street Level (You have to be shown capable of fighting crime on the streets)
I agree. Short and simple, and makes full sense
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https://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Tiering_System this is pretty accurate except for a few things. TBH the only gripes I have is tiers 1C-1A, as there isn't really a difference (Or at least I don't really understand the difference). Tier 0 makes sense though.
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@krisodinson: Don't trust VSBW. They have no comic book evidence to support their claims
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Completely agree, VSBW is terribly inaccurate and all made up.
VSBW makes perfect sense, what are you two on about?
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Idk what you mean by 'no evidence', they consistantally provide scans for each thing they choose rankings by. They also do not use outlier feats (For example base Hulk destroying a pocket universe) because pretty much nothing else Hulk has done is Universal in power level, so it doesn't make sense to use one writers perspective of a character to baseline the powerlevels of the entire character.
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Batman's entire profile has no scans apart from his powers.
Constantly provide scans eh?