Color Team Battles

Created by AkhilPDX, 3 y 2 mo 6 d ago.

Here are some links to the Color Superhero Team Battles I've made so far. I'll post them whenever I can. Feel free to make some yourselves and upload onto here. You can have any characters (PLEASE avoid OCs though) but try to make it fair to the other team and have a nice debate. I'll announce the winner at the end depending on how many people vote for a certain team. But remember, just because a person votes for a team doesn't guarantee a win for that team, the person who debates the best will also boost how well that specific team is doing. Please try to avoid omnipotent people like the TOAA and the Presence but people close to omnipotence like the Beyonder and Death of the Endless are allowed if the other team is also balanced. Please feel free to ask any questions if needed! Have fun!