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I thought it would be cool to create a forum where ever user can create their very own custom comic book characters joined together with other user's creations to make our very own comic book UNIVERSE! Simply give their superhero name and alter ego (EX: Superman/Clark Kent) their height, weight, hair and eye color along with ethnicity including alien race if need be. To determine how strong they are we'll use the same 6 stats this website uses minimum of 1 maximum of 100 finally what their super powers are. I hope this is a success and that you all have fun.


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Guys, this could have kick started the OC creation thing, but sadly it was ahead of it's time, WAY ahead of it's time. I bestow apon you all, back from the sinister graveyard known as time, what is technically the original Varsoverse
The Original Varosverse? Off a so good to see if existed long before I joined 😂
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If I had made it about a year or so later, it would have caught on like the Varsoverse did but like I said it was ahead of it's time.
Well Maybe the Collabaverse is Varosverse's Ancestor😂
It's good that this (potentially ) Made the Ocs
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I am so happy right now because I finally got my 1 year+ member trophy so I'm celebrating this anniversary by creating 2 new characters a top 20 list and 10 team battles by the end of today.
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This is a very good ide Soulcollector i will inclued a character or two :-)
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Shock Wave
History: Donald Blake is an astronomer working for Zukulos Industries space division observing a portion of the galaxy experiencing multiple cosmic disruptions occurring as of late. But one night during observation he came across and unexpected meteor shower. For what ever reason could not resist going out side and personally watch it. A huge chunk of it crashed down in front of him leaving a huge crater and in the center a shining chrome box. He walked over a touched it increasing the light causing temporary blindness and during this blind state he saw a vision. This vision revealed a hellish future were the world is consumed by darkness and death. This also granted him extraordinary powers of flight, superhuman strength and complete control of all forms of electric energy.
Height: 6' 4" Weight: 250lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Race: Caucasian
Intelligence: 85
Strength: 90
Speed: 100
Durability: 100
Power: 100
Combat: 75
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This guy was the very beginning of Night-Hawk Comics (the universe all of my characters reside).

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