Characters who can be PR beyonder?

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This style of forum has bean done like 50 times. With basic characters. Ok now. Who can beat PR Beyonder?


One Above All , The Tribunal , Lucifer , HOTU Thanks , Presence? , The Great Darkness? , Empty Hand ? , Over-Void , Ovr-Monotor , The Source , John Constantine , True Darkseid , King Thanos , The Beyonders , Elaine Beloc , Pyro Lion , Omni-Stone , Omega Ancestral , Dr Manhattan , Martian Manhinter , Prof X , Tyton
Most of these characters win mostly due to manipulation and they could make Beyondwr kill himself
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When you say PR, do you mean Pre-Retcon or Post-Retcon?
Pre-retcon. His most powerful form
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Obviously Doctor Doom AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yah deffenitely
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Yeah, because her already did.
Others include:
Lucifer Morningstar
Michael Demiurgos
Elaine Belloc
The Presence
The One-Above-All
Death of the Endless
Molecule Man (stalemate)
Didn't doctor doom beat the beyonders? Not the Pre-retcon Beyonder?
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He beat both the Beyonders in "New Avengers (2013)" and Pre Retcon Beyonder in "Secret Wars".
Beat* I meant beat PR Beyonder...OMFG
Double comment.
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Uuuuhmm... Batman with prep time
Beat* I meant beat PR Beyonder...OMFG
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Only PR Beyonder can be PR Beyonder... That's why he's PR Beyonder...
Makes a lot of sense dude 👌

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